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Gorgeous Blonde Swedish Girls in Stockholm Nightlife

Gorgeous Blonde Swedish Girls in Stockholm Nightlife

on Jul. 31, 2010 by

Stockholm is home to the most beautiful women in the world, is what I often hear, so I took a flight to Sweden to check it out for myself, and yes, the rumors are correct!

For many years I've always heard rumors stating "Stockholm has the most beautiful women in the world". I had to verify this rumor and I can tell you it is correct.


  • 1. Berns

    Most incredible nightclub I have ever been to. Gorgeous decor and hottest blondes. (map)

  • 2. Solidaritet

    Top spot to meet many young locals, also the music was pretty amazing. (map)

  • 3. Tradgarden

    Hidden gem of the Stockholm nightlife where you can play outdoor games, like fussball with local girls. (map)

  • 4. Café Opera

    Another incredible place with high ceilings, epic music, beautiful people, working professionals and mini-casino. (map)

  • 5. Soap Bar

    Occasionally live music, and laid-back locals. (map)

  • 6. Spy Bar

    Your little messy local bar for the young ones, enjoy a great drunken night here. (map)

My friends and I went clubbing in Stureplan, which is popular party district in Stockholm near Gamla Stan. After a house party at my friend's place, who I had met in 2007 in Roppongi, Japan, we jumped into a cab heading towards a pre-party at Tradgarden which is an awesome outdoor summer escape for young people to socialize.

It was a lot of fun discussing memories from Japan with my Swedish friends during the cab ride. After Tradgarden we went to Berns in the city centre, Solidaritet near Stureplan and the Macs for some eats after a crazy night.

Berns even had a mini blackjack table in the main room. Since the doors opened in 1863, Berns has been an oasis for curious cosmopolitans. By constantly cutting edge and challenge convention they have been the Stockholmers’ own living room for over a century. It is a very trendy place and should not be missed.

Stockholm has some of the nicest nightclubs I have ever been to. The bouncers are kind, the people are friendly but unfortunately the drinks are expensive. When you do go clubbing in Stockholm make sure to stock up on bills. After partying hard in Sweden I was all set to 'up' it a level at Dance Valley 2010 in the Netherlands near Amsterdam.

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