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History throughout the years has motivated me to keep exploring the planet, it is very helpful to keep an active blog to keep pushing yourself to do better. Below is a list of all the versions the site has been through, its fun to look back at history.

2004 ~ 2008 - Reformatt v1 (flash is required)

  • My initial Reformatt blog was called the EGO project, it was an assignment by my college to make an online profile about myself.

2008 ~ 2012 - Reformatt v2

  • When flash started to turn absolete, I quickly refocused the site solely on its content and started using jQuery.

2012 ~ 2016 - Reformatt v3

  • My latest version includes a whole range of jQuery technologies and is built on Drupal 6. Version 3 also includes a mobile compatible theme with its own dedicated photoswiper and optimized layouts which can be accessed through: