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27 Incredible Places You Must Visit In Tokyo

Japan flag iconTokyo, Japan

posted 2 weeks ago

Tokyo is undeniably my favorite city for entertainment. Many years of planning went into my first trip to Japan and it was worth every penny, these are my 27 best places and events you have to see upon your first visit to Tokyo.... read more

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12 Amazing Places You Must See In Stockholm

Sweden flag iconStockholm, Sweden

posted 3 weeks ago

Stockholm is the most underrated city of Europe, its beauty touched me deeply and is currently my favorite European city. The food is incredible and the locals are super friendly. Stockholm has to be on your next Eurotrip list!... read more

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Eating RAW Herring

Netherlands flag iconVolendam, Netherlands

posted 2 months ago

Dutch herring is one of those typical traditional snacks that you must have tried during a visit to Holland.... read more

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