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600,000 Super Nerds At The Biggest Comic Book Event In The World

600,000 Super Nerds At The Biggest Comic Book Event In The World

on Aug. 10, 2013 by

Comiket 84 is cosplay at its finest during some of the hottest days of the year in Tokyo. Walking around in costume is one of the most unbearable experiences I ever had.

After showing up too late for Comiket 76 back in 2009 I decided to go extra early this year to take as many great photos and videos as possible.

The cosplay photo area was crawling with photographers and incredible cosplayers. I couldn't wait to rock my Street Fighter Guile cosplay.

Certain costumes were so intense in the enduring heat that I couldn't believe how they survived inside. Cosplay is true dedication to your character and your fans.

The photo area had many cute Japanese girls in sexy cosplay which had the nerdy photographers go wild for the perfect shot.

As in 2009, it was boiling hot and I am not talking about a bit of heat. Trust me, Summer in Tokyo is horrendous.

I highly recommend bringing a Sensu (Japanese fan) or a small towel to wipe of the sweat it is a true necessity, especially at 40 degrees.

I was embarressed by how many new cosplay characters I didn't recognize. I have been out of the anime & videogame scene for many years now and it starting to take its toll.

My most awkward moment happened in the washroom of a random restaurant across the Tokyo Big Sight where I took a piss in a stall and noticed someone using their iPhone to videotape me from above. I ran out and grabbed the pervert and demanded him to erase his entire phone or I would kill him. The pervert was probably 16 years old which made it even more awkward. My advice is attend Comiket with caution, this is the biggest event for the biggest perverts in Japan but of course I shouldn't generalize.

I returned drenched with sweat to the dressing room and I was relieved to finally take my cosplay off. Comiket was once again a fantastic experience but I don't think I could do it again.

The intense heat was truly uncomfortable thus I rather stay with Anime North in Toronto, Canada for my future cosplay endeavours.

Tips & Facts for Comiket during the Summer in Tokyo:

  • Bring Gabsi wet towels to keep yourself cool
  • As a foreigner bring your least complex costume, you do not want to walk around carrying a lot of baggage
  • Wear a light costume due to the intense otherwise you will truly know what suffering is
  • Attendance to the cosplay photo area is free but the dressing room is 500 YEN located in the rooftop of the Tokyo Big Sight
  • Be aware of some perverts
  • Bring cosplay business cards to connect with other cosplayers, they do not have Facebook, only social cosplay accounts