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About Matt

Life is a collection of moments. 
Mindfulness is the beautification of those moments.


Howdy, my name is Matt!

My passion is to create fun, unique and informative travel guides and nightlife guides. If you enjoy my videos, please subscribe to my YouTube channel and follow me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

What is the Reformatt Show?

The Reformatt Show specializes in dynamic travel guides, focusing on revealing the lesser-known and distinctive spots in cities around the world. Tired of the clichéd snapshots at landmarks like the Eiffel Tower and the Leaning Tower of Pisa? Reformatt aims to enhance your travel experience, making it more genuine and enjoyable to share with friends, as opposed to the usual, mundane city tours.

Motto: Step outside your comfort zone and embrace the unusual - originality is the key!

Reformatt specializes in fast-pace travel guides for renowned world cities and in-depth nightlife guides of which many score #1 on YouTube Search and Google Search for Montreal, Lisbon, ParisZurich, Shanghai, Toronto and Osaka.

Why I started the Reformatt Show, initially a school project in 2004, evolved into a travel show documenting my global adventures. My passion for writing articles and creating videos about my travels blossomed, aiming to motivate others to discover and explore the world around them. During this process I became fluent in English and learned the basics of Japanese, while being native in Dutch.

Reformatt on YouTube:

  • October 2015: 5K subs  & 2M views
  • January 2016: 7K subs & 2M views
  • June 2017: 21K subs & 6M views
  • January 2018: 32K subs & 10M views
  • December 2019: 74K subs & 19M views
  • March 2021: 100K subs & 23M views
  • November 2023: 137K subs & 32M views

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