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What Happens When You Combine Movember & a Birthday Party?

What Happens When You Combine Movember & a Birthday Party?

on Nov. 24, 2013 by

Trying to grow my mustache unsuccessfully for Movember this year was not my main concern during my birthday party but how to get home in one piece definitely was. The venue was called Parlour270 a cozy low-key lounge on Adelaide St. in Toronto

Time for my birthday party at a cozy lounge named Parlour270 in downtown Toronto.

My friends joined me for a fun pre-drink at my condo alongside a few delicious appetizers such as spiced Dutch cheese, chips, pizza and other snacks.

We got a little rambunctious at the pre-drink causing up to show up quite late at the club.

It was freezing outside, my face felt like a popsticle. It was amazing my friends were driving.

I ended up ordering way too much booze which we couldn't finish.

After Parlour270 we went back to the penthouse for the masked after party.

During the weekend I assembled a new computer in an ITX HTPC box and is one of the fastest mini computers at the moment.

I want to thank my friends for making time on Saturday night for joining me at my party. Luv y'all!