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Fashionista: Tokyo Fashion Party At Aoyama Ever Nightclub

Fashionista: Tokyo Fashion Party At Aoyama Ever Nightclub

on Aug. 10, 2013 by

My friend Tiffany organized her annual Yukata fashion party which involves Japanese kimono's, live art performances and live music by Krystal Simpson from the USA

Tiffany Rossdale, my favorite promoter in Tokyo, invited me to her private Tokyo Fashionista VIP party at Club Aoyama Ever in Roppongi where she organized a Yukata party which are common during the summer in Japan.

It was late at night and I still had to buy my Yukata. The great thing about Tokyo is that many local department stores like Donki Hote are open 24/7 and you can buy everything here ranging from alcohol, electronics to Yukata's.

I picked up a generic Yukata, a pair of crocks (because they didn't have anything in my giant gaijin size) and took off to her party. Photograher Nelson Ignacio took some amazing photos during the evening thus I could keep my camera in my pocket.

I had to walk down many stairs to get to the club, it was truly a hidden underground venue which made it feel even more exclusive.

She also invited the entire staff of the Dream Girls Broadway play, who were on tour in Japan, which included the talented Krystal Simpson.

Krystal Simpson gave an incredible solo performance on the dance floor. This girl has talent!

It did feel a little strange walking around with only a Yukata and underwear but allows for good airflow.

We ended the night drinking at Propaganda till the morning hours which is another popular bar in Roppongi. I met a lot of interesting characters at the Tokyo Fashionista party and would love to attend again some day.