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Eating Sheep Head in Iceland

Eating Sheep Head in Iceland

on Dec. 23, 2013 by

Sheep's head is an Icelandic delicacy which can even be purchased at the local BSI drive-thru. It comes microwaved complete with mashed potatoes

Sheep's head, known in Iceland as Svio is a true Icelandic delicacy.

I always like to try the most awkward dishes when I travel to new countries. In order to buy the sheep's head I had to visit a drive-thru since no restaurant was serving it this time of year.

The BSI drive-thru offered this meal for around $15 but unfortunately came microwaved. Eating an entire sheep's head is definitely up there with the living octopus I ate in South Korea.

Next time I will try the rotten shark, known as Hákarl, when visiting Iceland.