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6 Mouthwatering Japanese Dishes To Eat In Tokyo

6 Mouthwatering Japanese Dishes To Eat In Tokyo

on Aug. 23, 2013 by

Tokyo is without a doubt the most incredible place on earth for food and thus I compiled a short list of the best things to eat while visiting Japan

During my final hours in Tokyo I tried to summarize all the fantastic foods I have eaten and experienced during my stay in the greatest city on earth.


  • 1. Monjayaki

    A type of Japanese pan-fried batter with various ingredients and Tsukishima is the district to get it

  • 2. Okonomiyaki Gyunta

    Japanese savory pancake containing a variety of ingredients get it at the top of the Mitsukoshi department store in Ginza (map)

  • 3. Sukiyabashi Jiro

    Best sushi experience money can buy

  • 4. Eihire

    Grilled stingray with mayonnaise is a true taste surprise (map)

  • 5. Curryrice

    Japanese people love their curry on rice and GoGo Curry is the place to get it (map)

  • 6. Miyabitei Izo

    Authentic Izakaya in Roppongi for incredible Japanese tapas (map)

I rented my apartment from a Japanese real estate website in the heart of Roppongi for quite a reasonable price. It came fully furnished with advanced security codes for the building and the unit. They also provided portable wireless internet which I could take with me around the city.

To my surprise I found my favorite beer at a local convenience store. The beer Edelweiss is a wheat beer from Austria which I became obsessed with after drinking it in the Austrian Alps in 2012.

I had lunch with my friend Mariko who helped me out tremendously during my first days in Tokyo around spring of 2007. Due to my initial culture shock I forgot my creditcard PIN codes and was unable to take out money at the bank, she helped me (as a stranger) to some cash until I figured out my PIN codes. She is a great example of the amazing generousity of the Japanese people.

I had my final lunch with my friend Hideaki who was my former Japanese neighbor at the Skymark Building in Mississauga where I used to live back in 2007. It was great catching up again while cooking up a delicious Monjayaki meal.

At night I met up with many of my friends, saying goodbye was difficult but I am determined to return once again. It will always be the land where dreams become reality.

I barely made my flight back to Canada due being stuck in traffic on route back to Shinjuku Station where I had to take the Narita Express to the International Airport. With sweat running down my spine rushing from the station to the airport I just made it just in time to the ticket counter.

They told me that the flight was full (AirCanada is notorious for overselling their seats). I assured them that it was imparrative that I made my flight to Vancouver since I was on a tight time schedule. They offered me $500 dollars and a flight to Calgary with a connecting flight to Vancouver where I would arrive 1 day later. I passed up the deal since time is priceless.

Other Notable foods I tried during my stay:

  • Curry Nan from MOS Burger
  • Curry on rice from 711 convenience store
  • Eihire (dried stingray) my new obsession
  • EdelWeiss beer in Tokyo