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Welcome To Japan: A Dream Come True

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My long awaited dream is finally being realized, today I am taking my first flight to Tokyo on Air Canada and landing at Narita Airport, make sure to check out all my related articles.

ready for departure in Chiba, Japan AC001 economy class in Chiba, Japan waiting for the narita express in Chiba, Japan enjoying an asahi and molsen canadian on the flight in Chiba, Japan

My long awaited dream is finally being realized. I am finally going to the land of my dreams. After decades of enjoying Anime and Japanese comic books I could now finally experience it in person.

passing over the bering straight in Chiba, Japan noodles and a bun on the aircanada flight in Chiba, Japan view of the middle of the pacific in Chiba, Japan at toronto pearson airport in Chiba, Japan

I saved up a lot of money and had a flight booked with Air Canada to fly me to Narita Airport straight from Toronto. The flight was really long, about 13 hours, thus I had to keep myself occupied.

 in Chiba, Japan

I brought many gadgets to kill time. On my Nintendo DS I had "Genuis - Japanese Kanji trainer" installed which teaches you all the definitely Kanji's by just drawing them. Also very handy when you have to translate Japanese charaters, you just write down the strokes while the DS processes a translation.

my nintendo DS with japanese genius kanji trainer in Chiba, Japan toilets at narita in Chiba, Japan welcome to japan - yokoso in Chiba, Japan taxi waiting outside of shinjuku station in Chiba, Japan the view from my hotel room at nishi shinjuku hotel in Chiba, Japan  in Chiba, Japan the heated toilet with butt cleaner in Chiba, Japan my desk in Chiba, Japan

The food on the flight to Tokyo is definitely the best in aviation travel. Bulgogi on rice with an Asahi and chopsticks, damn straight. We flew over the Bering Straight which is between Alaska and the most eastern tip of Russia, all the way down to Japan. Upon arrival I discovered the weird looking, old fashion, Japanese toilets where you have to squad in order to take a dump.

quite the beer collection at pearson airport in Chiba, Japan quite the beer collection at pearson airport

I took the Narita Express from the airport to Shinjuku where I had an hotel booked at Nishi Shinjuku Hotel.

narita express station in Chiba, Japan inside aircanada flight AC001 in Chiba, Japan packing my suitcase - everything has a specific spot in Chiba, Japan welcome to canada sign in Chiba, Japan pearson airport art in Chiba, Japan aircanada fleet at pearson airport in Chiba, Japan starbucks coffee at pearson in Chiba, Japan giftshop in Chiba, Japan

I was stupid enough to get a cab from Shinjuku station while the hotel was literally across the street but that happens in a new city, you have no idea where things are thus going forward I always check every map and distance prior to going to a new city.

tastefully canada in Chiba, Japan tastefully canada

Japanese cabs are spectacular, the cab door opens automatically and the drivers wear nice white gloves. Japan is such a nice and organized country.

food on the aircanada plane in Chiba, Japan  in Chiba, Japan cup noodles on the flight in Chiba, Japan crossing the bering sea in Chiba, Japan straight for tokyo in Chiba, Japan asahi beer in Chiba, Japan airplane turning in Chiba, Japan chiba perfecture in Chiba, Japan

Other cools things were the bidet toilet at the hotel which was fully automated. I felt so refreshed, I was ready to explore this beautiful place.

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