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6 Best Arcades at Tokyo Joypolis by SEGA

6 Best Arcades at Tokyo Joypolis by SEGA

on Aug. 8, 2013 by

Tokyo Joypolis by SEGA offers a wide variety of video games and a bunch of insane arcades you may have never seen in your life. A trip to Odaiba island for this incredible experience is worth the investment.

Tips & Advice

As a child I was obsessed with SEGA Genesis and its wide variety of video games. What better than to relive that experience at a SEGA dedicated indoor theme park in Tokyo.

  • 1. SEGA MaiMai

    My favorite game at the moment. It is a hand movement game like ParaPara

  • 2. Initial D4 Arcade Limited

    True replicas of Initial D race cars complete with movement and shifter

  • 3. Halfpipe

    Simulates you riding an actually real half pipe on a skateboard

  • 4. Storm-G

    Simulates a bobsled complete with 360 rotation and tunnels

  • 5. Toilet Game

    In the male washrooms is an interactive urinal game where you have to aim to win

  • 6. House of the Dead

    Sit back and be turned and shaken around while shooting zombies coming at you, truly intense!

My friend and I had a quick brunch at the Odaiba Decks prior to breaking some sweat at the arcade. We ordered a few sliced meat dishes and beers.

SEGA Joypolis is pretty expensive for a full day ticket or passport as they call it. You can also do the regular admission for 800 YEN which is about $10 CAD but doesn't allow you on any rides so we bought the full day passport at 3,900 YEN which is like $45 CAD. The only problem with the full day passport is that you still need to wait in queue for about 35 ~ 40 minutes per game.

The highlight was the new Storm-G arcade game which can be compared to F-Zero and Wipeout. Difference being that it will spin you 360 degrees when your vehicle goes upside-down through a tunnel.

Initial D4: Arcade Stage Limited is a rarity in the world. Tokyo Joypolis by SEGA offers the real Initial D race cars which move as well for a true racing experience and I was fortunate enough to try it. You can even take passengers aka your friends for a virtual ride.

The House of the Dead 4: arcade edition was also amazing. You are seated with a seat-belt on a round object that can spin around while you shoot at zombies that come at you from all directions.

I had to go to the toilet prior to leaving and encountered urinals with video game screens that will allow you to play a game while peeing. So you use the direction of which you pee in to fight enemies or on other objects during the game.

In conclusion, do not go to SEGA Joypolis during Japanese school vacations to avoid long queues, but otherwise the full day passport is totally worth it. You will play arcade games you have never experienced before.