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Captain Guile Goes Anime North 2013

Captain Guile Goes Anime North 2013

Published on May. 25, 2013 by

Cosplaying as Captain Guile while kicking major ass at the biggest cosplay and anime convention of Canada.

Preparation for Anime North 2013 started 4 months ago when I finally decided on my costume.

I had to visit the gym many times during this period to be able to pull off my new Captain Guile character from Street Fighter 2.

Putting the costume together was lots of fun, I had my items shipped to me from all over the world.

I attended with my good friend Keely who I first met at Anime North 2007 where I was cosplaying as Kyosuke from Rival Schools.

My Captain Guile costume was a great success, everyone wanted to take pictures with me, some turned out quite well.

I even ran into my Street Fighter rivals; Chun-Li, Ryu and Bison. I wish we could have taken a group photo together.

At the Sherathon Hotel they had a console game event with Street Fighter 2 and other cool old school games, the kids on site kicked my ass though in SF2.

I got burnt really bad on Saturday, the weather was sneaky; A warm sun with a cold polar breeze made you think that burning wasn't going to happen.

On Sunday we had our Gyaru Fashionshow which can be seen in the next reformatt report.