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Relax At Greek Island Lesbos Near The Turkish Coast

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A true cozy and relaxing destination to spend the summer days with my mother before attending my new school year. Petra is a peaceful town situated on the north-end of the island.

gorgeous scenery at a lake in Petra, Greece relaxing patio at the harbor in Petra, Greece weather wasn't too great in Petra, Greece  in Petra, Greece

A few kilometers from Molyvos is the village of Petra and something is going on here. While the local government in Molyvos has decided that their village is fine and are content to sit back and count their money, the government in Petra has taken steps to improve the quality of life in their village and make the area even more attractive for tourism.

 in Petra, Greece walking through some old town on lesbos in Petra, Greece  in Petra, Greece a cow being brought to the butcher shop in Petra, Greece

Rather than let the motorbikes disturb the peace of the town they have closed off the center of the village to traffic and diverted through-traffic to the outskirts of the village. This and other steps appear to be paying off because Petra is attracting more and more visitors every year.

having drinks on a patio in greece in Petra, Greece having drinks on a patio in greece

While the front of the village appears to be a tourist town of the highest degree (or lowest depending upon how you look at it), the backstreets of the village give the visitor the feeling of the more remote traditional villages of the island and since most of the tourists tend to cling together like sheep along the shore, those people who are courageous enough to wander through the back streets can find themselves in a uniquely Greek setting, maybe finding what they have come to Lesbos in search of.

 in Petra, Greece at some random house in Petra, Greece cows blockade in Petra, Greece more mills in Petra, Greece  in Petra, Greece admiring the scenery in Petra, Greece taking transavia back to amsterdam in Petra, Greece waiting for our flight back to amsterdam in Petra, Greece

Stretched along a long human-filled beach lined with cafe's and restaurants, the interior of the town surrounds a rock mountain topped with the church of the Glykfylousa Panagia (Our Lady of the Sweet Kiss).

a thermal pool - neutral heated water in Petra, Greece a thermal pool - neutral heated water

You reach the top of the rock by climbing the 114 steps carved into the stone. From the church the view of Petra and the surrounding sea and countryside is spectacular extending all the way to the coast of Asia Minor.

stunning view in Petra, Greece cute pathways in Petra, Greece  in Petra, Greece a town parade in Petra, Greece donkeys on lesbos in Petra, Greece  in Petra, Greece leaving the plane in Petra, Greece just experienced my first plane ride in Petra, Greece

A beautiful legend concerning the building of the church on this high rock has come down to us: In days of old a storm bought a religious captain to the shores of the area. One morning the captain noticed that the Icon of the Blessed Virgin, which he always had with him, was missing. He looked for it everywhere but to no avail.

interesting pose in Petra, Greece interesting pose

The best thing was definitely the Gyros on a pita. This true Greek dish can only be properly experienced in Greece.

taking nighttime pics in Petra, Greece  in Petra, Greece

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