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Sensation Black 2006 at Amsterdam Arena

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Mental rollercoaster ride from 10pm until 7am at the Amsterdam ArenA, Sensation Black 2006 was one of the early hardstyle events in the Netherlands featuring Showtek, the Prophet and Technoboy.

Definitely one of the best parties I have ever been to. Sensation Black 2006 by ID&T was a mental rollercoaster ride from 10pm till 7am in the Amsterdam ArenA where 40.000 party animals had a blast. Watch the full show: Click Here.

My brother and I arrived right on time to see Kai Tracid's set before The Prophet torn the house upside down. Unfortunately I lost my brother and friends once I left to order beers.

The minute I turned around at the bar I witnessed utter chaos. Try to find someone in a crowd of 40.000. So I drank all the beers and continued partying by myself.

I made some great footage throughout the night. Guess what, finally when the party ended I ran into my brother at the exit, we actually left the jam at the same time. What are the odds.

Sensation Black slowly builds up the pace, starting from hard trance, hardstyle and then hardcore gabber. Sensation Black is always held in the second weekend of July.

All attendees are required to dress completely in black. Notable DJs that have appeared at Sensation Black include Showtek, Angerfist, Headhunterz, Marcel Woods, Chris Liebing, DJ Lady Dana, DJ Luna, DJ Zany, The Prophet, Technoboy, Tommyknocker, Yoji Biomehanika and Mauro Picotto.

An incident occurred at Sensation Black, where DJ Rob Gee and his live band Ampt performed at the event against the recommendations of the majority of ID&T's staff, and were subsequently booed and catcalled during the performance, which was more rock/metal oriented. Slight mayhem ensued as a member of the audience climbed onto the stage and hit Rob Gee himself. The rest of Rob Gee's performance was cancelled and ID&T's manager, Duncan Stutterheim, later acknowledged his mistake in allowing Rob Gee to perform against the wishes of his employees.

Full sets from the event: Showtek

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