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28 Secrets & Best Places in Berlin

28 Secrets & Best Places in Berlin

Published on Nov. 26, 2017 by

These are my carefully selected 28 secrets & best places in Berlin which I visited during Christmas and includes gems like Das Klo, Cafe Kranzler, Badeschiff, Ritter Sport Cafe, Christmas markets and the techno nightlife at Tresor and Berghain.

Tips & Advice
  • Why: Capital of Germany, german food & tons of history
  • YouTube channel: Reformatt Show
  • Accommodation: Stay in the Kreuzberg area.
  • Notes: Get inspired by watching all my episodes from Germany.
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  • Nightlife: Do you need tips for the Berlin Nightlife?

inside the Berliner Dom in Berlin, Berlin, GermanyIch Liebe Dich (I love you) candy in Berlin, Berlin, Germanyat the Eastside Gallery in Berlin, Berlin, Germanyat Charlie's Checkpoint in Berlin, Berlin, Germany

Too many boring travel guides are available these days for Berlin and are all-the-same, that's why I dug deep into this city to bring you the best places and a few hidden spots.


  • 1. Hauptbahnhof

    The main railway station in Berlin from which you easily take transit through Berlin

  • 2. East Side Gallery

    An international memorial for freedom. It is a 1.3 km long section of the Berlin Wall

  • 3. Berliner Dom

    Beautiful cathedral finished in 1905 and is a main work of historicist architecture of the Kaiserzeit

  • 4. Ritter Sport Cafe

    One of the coolest stores in Berlin where you can make your own custom chocolate bar

  • 5. Brandenburg Gate

    The most popular landmark in Germany, built in the 18th century by the Prussian king

  • 6. Holocaust Memorial

    Memorial in Berlin to the Jewish victims of the Holocaust, designed by architect Peter Eisenman

  • 7. Checkpoint Charlie

    Name given by the Western Allies to the best-known Berlin Wall crossing point between East Berlin and West Berlin during the Cold War

  • 8. Topography Of Terror

    Modern center on the site of the former Gestapo headquarters, documenting the horrors of Nazism

  • 9. Bebelplatz

    Bebelplatz at the Humboldt university is of historical significance due to the nazi organized book burnings in 1933

  • 10. Führerbunker

    The bunker where Hitler committed suicide at the end of World War 2

  • 11. DDR Museum

    Everyday life in pre-unified Germany showcased in museum of interactive exhibits

  • 12. Reichstag Building

    Constructed to house the Imperial Diet of the German Empire

  • 13. Currywurst

    Berlin delicacy, a German sausage with spiced curry ketchup sauce and fries

  • 14. Potsdamer Platz

    Since German reunification, Potsdamer Platz has been the site of major redevelopment projects

  • 15. Sony Center

    It opened in 2000 and houses Sonys European headquarters and Christmas events

  • 16. Gendarmenmarkt

    First built in 1688. It stood as a marketplace and was part of the citys Western expansion of Friedrichstadt

  • 17. Nougat

    Delicious treat, white nougat is made primarily from whipping egg whites, sugar and nuts

  • 18. Fernsehturm

    One of the most prominent symbols of Berlin and offers great views

  • 19. Kurfürstendamm

    Visit the Christmas market at Breitscheidplatz for great food and events

  • 20. Kaiser Wilhelm Church

    Original church on the site was built in the 1890s, badly damaged in a bombings in 1943

  • 21. Café Kranzler

    A famous café on Kurfürstendamm in the Charlottenburg district, try their Apfelstrudel

  • 22. Glühwein

    Cinnamon spiced warm red wine with an orange, a German iconic winter drink

  • 23. Das Klo

    Unique toilet themed bar with eclectic decor, great beer, a turd sandwich and karaoke

  • 24. Alexanderplatz

    Large public square and transport hub in the central Mitte district

  • 25. Tresor

    One of the greatest techno clubs in Berlin located in an old power plant building

  • 26. Berghain

    Most popular techno club in Berlin and almost impossible to enter due to their rigorous door policy

  • 27. Kosmonaut

    My favorite nightclub in Berlin with great music and a fun, happy & local crowd

  • 28. Döner Kebab

    End your nightlife with typical Berlin street food, delicious döner kebab

  • 29. Badeschiff (bonus)

    Unique riverside beach bar with barges holding heated swimming pools & saunas during winter

  • 30. Vapiano (bonus)

    Affordable European dinner spot for pizzas, pastas and other great dishes

at Charlie's Checkpoint in Berlin, Berlin, Germanyat Charlie's Checkpoint in Berlin, Berlin, GermanyBrandenburg Tor by night in Berlin, Berlin, GermanyBerliner Dom in Berlin, Berlin, Germany

I took my family to Berlin, Germany for Christmas to visit its amazing Christmas markets and local events, we flew with KLM Cityhopper from Amsterdam Airport.

the family in front of the Brandenburger Tor in Berlin, Berlin, Germanythe family in front of the Brandenburger Tor

We visited a large amount of places which I listed above and are some of the best things to do in Berlin.

christmas market in Berlin, Berlin, GermanyVan Vuuren brothers in front of the Brandenburg Tor in Berlin, Berlin, Germanyoriginal Berlin Currywurst (curry + sausage) in Berlin, Berlin, GermanyPolizei you are under arrest in Berlin, Berlin, Germanyat Charlie's checkpoint in Berlin, Berlin, Germanyseperation of West & East Berlin after World War II in Berlin, Berlin, Germanygiant piece of the berlin wall in Berlin, Berlin, Germanyshaking hands with the Soviets in Berlin, Berlin, Germany

My personal favorites are Das Klo, a toilet themed bar + the grogeous Berliner Dom and the bizarre DDR museum to find out what it is like to live under communist occupation.

German Schnitzel for dinner in Berlin, Berlin, GermanyGerman Schnitzel for dinner

During christmas you can find many Christmas markets around town, the best one was located at the Gendarmenmarket.

my chauffeur for today to the airport: Captain Sterre in Berlin, Berlin, GermanySterre & Leontien in Berlin, Berlin, Germanybreakfast at the Leonardo Hotel in Berlin, Berlin, GermanyMatt & George CD cover pose in Berlin, Berlin, Germanyat the Berliner Dom back end in Berlin, Berlin, Germanyinside the Berliner Dom in Berlin, Berlin, GermanyBerlin Cathedral in Berlin, Berlin, GermanyKaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church in Berlin, Berlin, Germany

Berlin is definitely a gem of city but it has its flaws, it could have been the time of the year, Christmas shopping, new year's stress, we basically had a very bad experience with the local service, primarily at restaurants, they seemed to not give a damn about hospitality. Service was overall very sloppy, unpolite and slow. However we did notice major improvements on the westend of Berlin.

family pose at the Eastside Gallery in Berlin in Berlin, Berlin, Germanyfamily pose at the Eastside Gallery in Berlin

Overall the minor negative experiences shouldn't limit you from visiting this incredible city with its rich but also dark history. Also, save yourself a ton of money by purchasing the SUPER SAVER Berlin WelcomeCard with 50% discounts everywhere! ONLY $23 USD experience!

tombs of the kings of Germany in Berlin, Berlin, Germanyfamily dinner at Leonardo Hotel Berlin in Berlin, Berlin, Germanyold Trabi cars in Berlin, Berlin, Germanytaking KLM cityhopper from Amsterdam to Berlin in Berlin, Berlin, Germanyabove the clouds in Berlin, Berlin, Germanysterre downing a beer in Berlin, Berlin, Germanyhugo & beer in Berlin, Berlin, Germanythe marching hitler youth in Berlin, Berlin, Germany