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Stockholm Nightlife: TOP 6 Bars & Nightclubs

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Discover the allure of Stockholm's nightlife, where stunning beauty and high-end clubs meet. From the enchanting Tradgarden to the iconic Berns, this Nordic city lives up to its legendary reputation. But beware, the glamour comes with a price—those cocktails aren't cheap! Read on for an insider's journey through a truly unforgettable night out.

Ah, Stockholm, that Nordic paradise whispered about in the hallways of beauty and splendor! You know how some legends are too good to be true? Well, sometimes, the reality actually lives up to the hype. Before embarking on my Swedish escapade, I had always heard this urban folklore painting Stockholm as the land of ethereal beauty, home to the most beautiful women in the world. Being the curious adventurer that I am, I just couldn't resist the allure. I had to experience this fairytale for myself. So, ladies and gentlemen, I boarded that flight to Sweden, and let me tell you, the rumors are not only true, they're understated!


Best Places for Nightlife in Stockholm

  • 1. Berns

    Most incredible nightclub I have ever been to. Gorgeous decor and hottest blondes.

  • 2. Solidaritet

    Top spot to meet many young locals, also the music was pretty amazing.

  • 3. Tradgarden

    Hidden gem of the Stockholm nightlife where you can play outdoor games, like fussball with local girls.

  • 4. Café Opera

    Another incredible place with high ceilings, epic music, beautiful people, working professionals and mini-casino.

  • 5. Soap Bar

    Occasionally live music, and laid-back locals.

  • 6. Spy Bar

    Your little messy local bar for the young ones, enjoy a great drunken night here.

So here's how it went down. I had this incredible friend I met way back in 2007 during an unforgettable night in Roppongi, Japan. Fast forward to now, he's hosting an epic house party in Stockholm, the city that holds the golden ticket to my quest. After toasting to old times and creating new memories, my friends and I hopped into a cab, buzzing with excitement. Our destination? Tradgarden, a magical summer sanctuary that gathers the young and the hip in its warm embrace. The cab ride itself was a trip down memory lane, as we all reminisced about our Japan adventures, laughing and storytelling like we were characters in a coming-of-age movie.

Tradgarden did not disappoint. An outdoor paradise alive with chatter, music, and an air of casual sophistication, it felt like stepping into a secret garden where the social butterflies roam free. But the night was young, and Stockholm had more secrets to reveal.

Next up was Berns, an iconic establishment nestled in the city center, practically pulsating with history and modern allure. Friends, when I say this place is trendy, I mean it's the epitome of avant-garde chic. It’s like walking into a 19th-century mansion that decided to evolve into a 21st-century nightclub. Berns has been the beating heart of Stockholm's nightlife since its doors flung open in 1863. Here's the cherry on top: they even had a mini blackjack table right in the main room! High stakes in a high-vibe setting—what more could you ask for?

We also graced Solidaritet with our presence, another sensational club near Stureplan, Stockholm's party mecca. Here, the ambiance was just as electric, but it was the humanity that stood out—the bouncers were affable, and the people were genuinely friendly. It's like the city was one big, happy family, only exceptionally good-looking.

But listen, before you book your ticket and plot your own epic tale, here's a pro tip: Stockholm is not gentle on the wallet, especially when it comes to nightlife. Those artisan cocktails? Yeah, they’re as expensive as they are delicious. So if you're planning to paint the town red, better stock up on some extra kronor.

After this odyssey of beauty, culture, and ridiculously fun nights, I was completely ready to take my partying skills to a global level. Next stop: Dance Valley 2010 in the Netherlands, near the one and only Amsterdam. But that, my friends, is a story for another day. Stockholm, you’ve been an absolute dream, a page ripped straight from a storybook of global wonders. And to think, it all started with a rumor—a rumor that turned out to be the absolute, glamorous truth.

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