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30 Secrets & Best Places in Taipei, Taiwan

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These are my carefully selected 30 secrets & best places in Taipei which I've visited twice and includes gems like the Snow King, Laotian Lu, Knife Massages, Snake Restaurant, Din Tai Fong, Taipei Night Markets and Taipei Nightlife tips.

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beautiful blue gate at chiang kai-shek memorial in Taipei, Taiwan epic seafood at Addiction fish market in Taipei in Taipei, Taiwan gorgeous waterfall garden at longshan temple in Taipei in Taipei, Taiwan drinking with friends at ONTAP in Taipei in Taipei, Taiwan

I went to Taiwan with no major expectations but let me tell you, the country, people, food and nature truly blew me away and now I understand why people consider it a hidden gem in Asia. I started my Taiwan adventure in Taipei, often called the food capital of Asia for its wide assortment of cuisines and uniquely themed restaurants like the toilet restaurant, snake restaurant and turtle restaurant. For a brief introduction to Taiwan, go watch my first episode!

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Best Places for Travel in Taipei

  • 1. Fu Hang Soy Milk

    Most popular Taiwanese breakfast, deep fried bread, Taipei crepe and soy milk. Map

  • 2. Jiufen

    From Taipei Main Station take the train to Jiufen, the most gorgeous mountain village in Taiwan. Map

  • 3. Chicken Founding Headquarters

    Exceptionally delicious chicken nuggets with basil, unmatched in the world! Map

  • 4. National Palace Museum

    Controversial museum with 700,000 Chinese artifacts brought over from mainland China during the communist revolution. Map

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  • 5. Modern Toilet Restaurant

    Bizarre restaurant where you can eat beef curry out of a mini toilet bowl. Map

  • 6. Prawn Fishing

    Another bizarre activity is fishing for prawns at an indoor pool, open 24 hours. Map

downtown Taipei near the Red House district in Taipei, Taiwan deep fried bread sandwich at Fu Hang Soy Milk in Taipei in Taipei, Taiwan fu hang soy milk famous Taiwanese breakfast in Taipei, Taiwan deep fried bread stick, soy milk cold soup and egg pancake - quintessential breakfast in Taipei, Taiwan

The best way to start your Taipei adventure is with an epic Taiwanese breakfast at Fu Hang Soy Milk, the most popular breakfast joint in town but do come early, lineups can grow very large. I ordered the deep-fried bread stick, egg pancake and a delicious cold soy milk soup for 110 NT, roughly $3.60 USD. There is a good reason why locals wait hours in line to get their hands on this stuff.

  • 7. Snake Venom

    Most insane dinner experience at the snake restaurant for snake venom, snake blood and snake skin salad. Map

  • 8. Rilakkuma Cafe

    Cutest cafe in Taipei, order the adorable omelette with rice and a cute coffee. Map

  • 9. Ice Monster

    Most epic shaved ice shop in Taipei, my favorite being the almond shaved ice with red beans. Map

  • 10. Elephant Mountain

    Enjoy mesmerizing views of Taipei and the Taipei 101 tower but note; the hike is pretty steep. Map

  • 11. Taipei 101

    Beautiful views from the Taipei 101 observatory deck but do go on a clear day since tickets at 600 NT ~ $20 USD. Map

  • 12. Din Tai Fong

    Best soup dumplings in Taiwan rated a Michelin Star, totally worth every penny! Map

mesmerizing views of Taipei from Elephant mountain in Taiwan in Taipei, Taiwan mesmerizing views of Taipei from Elephant mountain in Taiwan

After your Taiwanese breakfast hike up the Elephant mountain for the best views of Taipei and the Taipei 101 building just make sure to take many breaks and drinks lots of water, especially on a hot summer day.

  • 13. Death Star Mall

    If you are a Star Wars geek, you will have a blast at the Core Pacific Mall, a giant Death Star downtown Taipei. Map

  • 14. Addiction Fish Market

    One of the best fish markets I've ever been too, salmon and tuna sashimi quality blew me away. Map

  • 15. Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall

    A memorial for the founder of modern Taiwan: Chiang Kai-Shek who took the nationalist government from China to Taiwan. Map

  • 16. Ximending

    Often compared to Tokyo's Harajuku for its large youth culture and popular fashion shops. Map

  • 17. Ay-Chung Rice Noodles

    Popular street snack in Ximending, delicious thick broth with thin noodles and pig intestines. Map

  • 18. Laotian Lu Duck

    Unique duck store in Ximending for all your duck pleasures ranging from tongue, feet, liver, gizzards and duck hearts. Map

gorgeous lobby at the Grand Hotel in Taipei in Taipei, Taiwan The Grand Hotel in Taipei, Taiwan in Taipei, Taiwan national palace museum in Taipei in Taipei, Taiwan zhishan garden at the national palace museum in Taiwan in Taipei, Taiwan delicious Taiwanese fried chicken nuggets UNMATCHED! in Taipei, Taiwan taiwan fried chicken founding headquarters in Taipei, Taiwan prawn fishing in Taipei, Taiwan in Taipei, Taiwan exercising my prawn fishing skills in Taipei in Taipei, Taiwan

You will be able to find one of world's largest Chinese art collections at the National Palace Museum having over 700,000 ancient artifacts on display, I do recommend bringing a bunch of Taiwanese fried chicken snacks from the Chicken Founding Headquarters to the nearby Zhishan garden.

  • 19. Snow King

    Bizarre ice cream shop for its Kaoliang ice cream at 58% alcohol percentage and sesame chicken ice cream. Map

  • 20. Knife Massage

    Unknown to most tourist, Dao Liao is an ancient knife massage and one of the best massages I've ever received. Map

  • 21. Longshan Temple

    Gorgeous Chinese folk religious temple downtown Taipei with daily rituals and offerings to the gods. Map

  • 22. Hsing Tian Kong

    Another famous temple often visited by businessmen looking for good fortunes. Map

  • 23. Waterfront Ubike Ride

    Relax during a waterfront bike ride north of Taipei along the Keelung river, these bikes at 20 NT per hour ($0.60 USD) Map

  • 24. Mulberry Smoothie

    Enjoy an epic Mulberry smoothie at the Moonlight Riverside Cafe for just 80 NT. Map

almond shaved ice at the Ice Monster in Taipei in Taipei, Taiwan almond shaved ice at the Ice Monster in Taipei

Hilarious places for dinner include the prawn fishing restaurant where you'll be able to capture your own dinner but also the Modern Toilet Restaurant where you can eat beef curry out of a toilet bowl. For dessert, indulge yourself into a delicious shaved ice delight at Ice Monster, my favorite flavour, the almond shaved ice, red beans and almond soft tofu.

  • 25. Century Egg

    Bizarre tea egg shop popular for its fermented duck egg which was surprisingly delicious. Map

  • 26. The Grand Hotel

    One of the tallest Chinese classical buildings in the world, a gorgeous hotel great for photography. Map

  • 27. A Cheng Goose

    Delicious rare goose meat was better than I expected, it is a meat that should be experienced in Taiwan. Map

  • 28. Taipei Night Markets

    Taipei is famous for its many night markets namely; Shilin, Linjiang and Raohe night markets open daily from afternoon to midnight. Map

  • 29. Taipei Nightlife

    Going out in Taipei blew me away, I had no idea the nightlife was this incredible at clubs: Vibe, Pong, OMNI, Babe18 and Elektro. Map

  • 30. Hotel Royal Beitou

    Unique hot springs hotel with your private hot springs bath and view of downtown Beitou. Map

biggest shaved ice with red beans a soft almond tofu in Taipei, Taiwan Ubike rentals all over Taipei, 20NT per hour, $0.60 USD which is a steal in Taipei, Taiwan take an Ubike waterfront bike ride in northern Taipei in Taipei, Taiwan gorgeous temples along the tamsui river in Taipei in Taipei, Taiwan cutest dinner ever at Rilakkuma Cafe in Taipei in Taipei, Taiwan cute coffee at Cafe Rilakkuma in Taipei in Taipei, Taiwan getting comfy at the rilakkuma cafe in Taipei, Taiwan incredible goose dinner at A Cheng Goose restaurant in Taipei in Taipei, Taiwan

After your dessert, head over to the Rilakkuma Cafe. The cutest cafe in Taiwan, including the cute cookies hanging off my coffee cup. On a sunny day, consider a bike ride along the Tamsui river by renting a super cheap Ubike, found all over Taipei for just 20 NT ~ $0.60 USD, that is a steal!

  • 31. BONUS: Poffertjes Cafe

    As a Dutch person I found this cafe very unique since I've never seen mini Dutch pancakes outside of Holland. Map

  • 32. BONUS: Four Four South Village

    Historic military housing for the fled soldiers from mainland China during the communist revolution. Map

  • 33. BONUS: Taipei MRT

    Perhaps the best metro system in the world, it was super simple to get around town without language barriers. Map

attend a knife massage in Taipei, one of my most favourite massages yet in Taipei, Taiwan attend a knife massage in Taipei, one of my most favourite massages yet

One of the most incredible experiences was getting a knife massage by knife massage practitioners who require to be vegetarian and meditate daily but don't worry the cleavers used are blunt, it is quite satisfying getting hammered by blunt metal to a point where I fell asleep from relaxation.

showing off big knifes with the knife massage practitioners in Taipei in Taipei, Taiwan coral rocks are also used during the session in Taipei, Taiwan ay-chung flour-rice noodles shop since in Ximending district here 1975 in Taipei, Taiwan enjoy delicious rice noodle in a thick broth with pig intestines in Taipei in Taipei, Taiwan daily rituals at longshan temple in Taipei in Taipei, Taiwan beautiful fountains at longshan temple in Taipei in Taipei, Taiwan Chinese decorations at longshan temple in Taipei, Taiwan daily offerings to the gods at longshan temple in Taipei, Taiwan

For ancient temples, visit the breathtaking Longshan temple also known as the 'meeting place of the gods' where you can witness daily rituals, offerings and many locals praying to the many deities.

century eggs and fermented duck eggs in Taipei, Taiwan in Taipei, Taiwan century eggs and fermented duck eggs in Taipei, Taiwan

One of the strangest foods I tried were the fermented duck eggs which were traditionally made by a mixture of lime, salt and ash turning the egg white base into a gelatin texture and the egg yolk green from fermentation, to my surprise, this was a delicious snack. Alternatively, there is a Dutch poffertjes cafe in downtown Taipei. Running into these mini Dutch pancakes on the other side of the planet was a great surprise.

unique little tea egg shop in Taipei in Taipei, Taiwan dutch poffertjes cafe in Taipei - a dutch mini pancake treat in Taipei, Taiwan ocha ice cream with dutch poffertjes in Taiwan in Taipei, Taiwan poffertjes are quite popular here in Taipei, this cafe was packed in Taipei, Taiwan the highend addiction fish market in Taipei, Taiwan wide selection of some of the best seafood here in Taipei, Taiwan in Taipei, Taiwan grilled and fried seafood at addiction fish market in Taipei in Taipei, Taiwan impressive selection of sushi with some of world's best tasting sashimi in Taipei, Taiwan

As a giant lover of seafood, the Addiction Aquatic Development fish market is the ultimate destination. A high-end fish market with some of the best sashimi, grilled eel and other fish products I have ever tasted, a great spot for lunch!

ready to eat epic seafood! at the high-end Addiction Fish Market in Taipei, Taiwan ready to eat epic seafood! at the high-end Addiction Fish Market

Another bizarre place is ice cream shop Snow King where you can enjoy the most bizarre flavours from Taiwan beer, Kaoliang (58%), Brandy (40%) to sesame chicken ice cream with real bits of chicken. I double dare you to try the Kaoliang ice cream, it is an experience you'll talk about for the rest of your life.

enjoy kaoliang and taiwan beer ice cream at the snow king in Taipei in Taipei, Taiwan Snow King ice cream parlor in taipei in Taipei, Taiwan epic pork belly bao in Taipei in Taipei, Taiwan famous Chinese bao shop next to the Linjuang night market on Tonghua street in Taipei, Taiwan Taipei downtown by night in Taipei, Taiwan taking my North-American friends to the Linjuang night market in Taipei in Taipei, Taiwan bizarre Taiwanese street food at the Shilin night market in Taipei, Taiwan the unique Death Star mall, core pacific mall in Taipei in Taipei, Taiwan

In conclusion, Taipei left a lasting impression on me to such an extent that I returned to Taipei a second time in less than a month time to record even more incredible footage of this mesmerizing city. If you are considering of visiting Asia, do not skip Taiwan. As for the Taipei Night Markets like Shilin and Linjiang, go watch my special episode on night markets but the best part of Taipei has to be the Taipei Nightlife, I had no idea Taipei has so many amazing bars and night clubs with lots of positive, energenic and kind locals, do not forget to watch my Taipei Nightlife episode either. If you want to make new friends in Taipei, you will eventually be asked to be added to WeChat. WeChat is 'the' chat app in Taiwan, so if you do not have DATA on your phone during your stay, make sure to rent a dirt cheap pocket Wifi station at the airport. You can take these pocket Wifi stations all over the country and connect all of your devices (laptop, tablet, phone). It even fits in your back pocket. Luckily, there is a 10% discount on a pocket 4G Wifi station on Klook ($1.45 USD per day). I rent this device everytime I visit Taiwan to avoid any stressful situations. 

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