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5 Crazy Foods You Wouldn't Dare To Eat!

The following meals aren't for the faint of heart, in this video I traveled to Iceland, South Korea, Holland and Canada to try their strange cuisines.

posted on Jun. 5, 2015 by

5. Raw Dutch Horse Meat

For the majority of humanity's early existence, wild horses were hunted as a source of protein. It is slightly sweet, tender and low in fat. However, because of the role horses have played as companions and as workers, and concerns about the ethics of the horse slaughter process, it is a taboo food in some cultures.

4. Raw Dutch Herring

Dutch herring is one of those typical traditional snacks that you must have tried during a visit to Holland. Raw Herring has been my favorite Dutch snack ever since I was a toddler, especially with freshly chopped onions and pickles.

3. Iranian Lamb Testicles

The testicles tasted unlike I expected it had a juicy chicken texture but tasted more blend, but luckily the pickled dip and special salt made the experience a lot of tastier.

2. Icelandic Sheep's Head

Sheep's head is an Icelandic delicacy which can even be purchased at the local BSI drive-thru. It comes microwaved complete with mashed potatoes.

1. Korean Live Octopus

Bizarre food adventure at the Noryangjin Fish Market where my friend and I choose 3x living baby octopuses which we took to a restaurant for instant consumption. Not for the foodies out there with a weak stomach food.