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Eating Lamb Testicles at Iranian Restaurant Banu

Eating Lamb Testicles at Iranian Restaurant Banu

Published on Dec. 7, 2014 by

One of the most strangest foods I have ever eaten. Lamb testicles have a pretty blend texture and require spices and salt

It has been a while since I tried something weird thus I decided to go to BANU Iranian restaurant to try their lamb testicles and cow heart.

Prior to the experience we had a declious smoked eggplant dip with some crunchy Iranian bread.

The testicles tasted unlike I expected it had a juicy chicken texture but tasted more blend, but luckily the pickled dip and special salt made the experience a lot of tastier.

The cow's heart was definitely a highlight it was dense and juicy like a tough steak.

In Farsi (Persian) the dishes are named Del (Cow's Heart) and Don Balan (Lamb Testicles).