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30 Things to do in Engelberg & Titlis, Switzerland

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These are my carefully selected 30 best things to do in Engelberg - the biggest winter sport resort in Central Switzerland. I included gems like the Titlis Cliff Walk, Snowmobiles, Igloo Ice Skating, Après Ski, Airboarding, Cheese Fondue and of course the most epic slopes for snowboarding and skiing for beginners to professionals.

Tips & Advice
  • Why: Most underrated winter sport destination in Switzerland.
  • When: Early February
  • Accomodation: Stay at Hotel Bellevue via
  • Best Attraction: Airboarding on Mount Brunni (across Titlis)
  • Discount: Save lots of money by purchasing the Swiss Travel Pass for unlimited travel in Switzerland on trains, buses, boats, cable cars and FREE access to 480 museums.
  • Book Now: Mount Titlis Tickets for just $95 USD  Book you Taipei Pub Crawl adventure

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Titlis Engelberg in Engelberg, Switzerland Fluhmatt Alpine Macaroni in Engelberg, Switzerland Engelberg Abbey in Engelberg, Switzerland Titlis Engelberg Glacier Cave in Engelberg, Switzerland

Engelberg, a hidden gem in the winter sports world, offers a plethora of experiences that aren't widely covered in mainstream travel guides and videos. My goal was to create an all-encompassing guide that takes you through everything Engelberg has to offer, from your arrival to activities, slopes, dining, bars, and even budget-friendly grocery shopping. My brother and I captured the essence of this place in a video shot at the end of January, a surprisingly low season despite being the peak of winter, making it an ideal time for a visit.

Best Places for Travel in Engelberg

  • 1. Intersport

    To avoid lineups, pickup your ski or snowboard rental gear immediately after leaving the Engelberg train station.

  • 2. Titlis

    Mount Titlis in Engelberg is just a 2-hour train ride from Zurich Airport and is one of the best winter sport destinations in Switzerland.

  • 3. Revolving Skilift

    Titlis Rotair is world's first revolving cable car since 1992 which transports you to the peak of Titlis.

  • 4. Titlis Peak

    Located at a height of 3020 meters with the best views in Central Switzerland. On a clear day you can see 80% of Switzerland and even see as far as Italy and Germany.

  • 5. The Buddha

    An unique optical illusion of a buddha statue hidden within the alps. Can you spot it on a clear day?

  • 6. Cliff Walk

    Europe's highest suspension bridge and is considered one of world's creepiest bridges for its shivering views straight down, also a great place to see the hidden buddha mountain. Can you make the 150 heartstopping steps?

Titlis Engelberg in Engelberg, Switzerland Titlis in Engelberg, Switzerland Hugo in Engelberg, Switzerland Cross-country Skiing, Engelberg in Engelberg, Switzerland

Your journey in Engelberg should begin at Intersport, located at the base of Titlis mountain, where you can rent skiing or snowboarding gear at competitive rates. A must-do experience is the ride on the Titlis Rotair, the world’s first revolving cable car since 1992, which takes you to the peak of Titlis at an elevation of 3020 meters. Titlis is renowned for having Europe's highest suspension bridge and a mesmerizing turquoise-blue light in its ice cave, caused by sunlight refraction. The cave maintains a constant temperature of -2 degrees Celsius throughout the year.

  • 7. Glacier Cave

    Dive into a world of ice! Beautiful turqouise-blue lights caused by refracted sunlight with temperatures in the cave around -2 degrees celcius all year round.

  • 8. Snowboarding & Skiing

    The highlight of your visit to Titlis! Engelberg has some of the best slopes in Switzerland covering 82 kilometers of downhill slopes and 14 ski lifts.

  • 9. Skihutte Stand

    Excellent restaurant at the mid station for lunch. A beautiful cozy Swiss chalet with a great menu.

  • 10. Rösti Lunch

    A Swiss stable dish is Rosti, sunny side egg with Swiss cheese and grated fried potatoes. A perfect dish of carbs to refuel before your next run. 25 CHF, $25 US dollars.

  • 11. Toboggan

    Jump on a snow tube and slide down a hill across the Titlis SnowXpark, great fun for families with young kids.

  • 12. Igloo Ice Skating

    What is more unique than ice skating through a complex of giant igloos? 100% fun guaranteed!

Titlis Engelberg in Engelberg, Switzerland Titlis Engelberg

Downtown Engelberg offers a cozy shopping street perfect for picking up Swiss souvenirs. There are restaurants serving traditional Swiss cuisine like Cheese Fondue and the Tal museum to explore. At the end of Engelberg’s village street (Dorfstrasse), you will find the Engelberg Abbey, a historical monastery founded in 1120 around which the town gradually developed.

  • 13. Snowmobiles

    Do you like extremes? Jump on a snow mobile at SnowXpark, rent a snowmobile for 25 CHF, $25 US dollars on a closed track to match-off with your friends.

  • 14. Titlis Apres Ski Chalet

    After your Titlis adventure pick up some souvenirs and a few apres-ski snapps.

  • 15. Brunni Airboarding

    Most fun activity in Engelberg is airboarding on mount Brunni, for just 15 CHF, $15 US dollars you can jump on an air mattress and race your friends down a dedicated track at incredible speeds.

  • 16. Cross-country Skiing

    A difficult but fun sport, above all, a great workout. Rent your langlaufen gear at in downtown Engelberg.

  • 17. Oldtown Engelberg

    Dorfstrasse (Village street) has plenty of souvenir shops and restaurants for a cozy stroll at night. Engelberg was founded in 1120 by monks and has a population of just 4000.

  • 18. Tal Museum

    300 year old museum covering the history of Engelberg. The facade is decked out with gorgeous family shields. Entrance is covered by the Swiss Travel Pass, but only open on Wednesdays.

Engelberg, Switzerland in Engelberg, Switzerland Engelberg Abbey in Engelberg, Switzerland Engelberg Abbey in Engelberg, Switzerland Engelberg Abbey in Engelberg, Switzerland Lindt Chocolate, Engelberg in Engelberg, Switzerland Skihutte Stand in Engelberg, Switzerland Rösti Lunch in Engelberg, Switzerland Skihutte Stand in Engelberg, Switzerland

For adventure lovers, renting snowmobiles at SnowXPark, located at the mid-station on Titlis, is a thrilling experience. For just 25 CHF (about $23 USD) you get 10 minutes on a closed track, ideal for an afternoon adventure.

  • 19. Engelberg Abbey

    Founded as a medieval monstery in 1120 by monks. Known in Swiss German as Kloster Engelberg which means Angel Mountain in English. The church interior is one of the most beautiful I've ever seen including 10,000 orgel pips, biggest orgel in Switzerland.

  • 20. Abbey Cheese Facory

    Buy yourself a tradtional Swiss Fondue Cheese set at the Engelberg Abbey Cheese Factory. Checkout their Beer Shampoo and home brew Swiss Whiskey with Alp water.

  • 21. Ende Der Welt Restaurant

    Located at the 'End of the World', a cozy unique restaurant serving typical Swiss dishes including deer with brussel sprouts, red cabbage and steak with fries.

  • 22. Kafi Luz

    Luz Coffee is a traditional Swiss drink after each meal made of thin coffee with fruit flavoured Brandy like apple and pear.

  • 23. Fluhmatt Alpine Macaroni

    The most cozy restaurant in Engelberg located high up in the mountains serving their best dish called Alpermagronen, or Alps Macaroni which is Mac & Cheese on steriods. I must have eaten half the bowl within seconds.

  • 24. Alpenclub

    Alpenclub is known for the best steak in Switzerland, 52 CHF or $52 US dollars. A steak experience you will not easily forget. Watch my brother's reaction in the video!

SnowXpark Titlis in Engelberg, Switzerland SnowXpark Titlis

Among the top dining options in Engelberg is the Ende Der Welt restaurant, literally translating to 'The End of The World'. This cozy eatery is situated at the end of a narrow street within a vast valley. Another notable mention is the Alpenclub, where the house specialty is a delectable juicy steak covered with onions, priced at 52 CHF (about $52 USD).

  • 25. Ski Lodge Bar

    Party in someone's living room, that is the concept of Ski Lodge including a great cocktail bar and friendly locals after a long day on the slopes.

  • 26. Yucatan Bar

    Another great bar to kick off your night in Engelberg located at Hotel Bellevue with a large selection of drinks and a dance floor.

  • 27. Gletschersplate

    Largest nightclub in Engelberg located underground and has a massive dance floor, foosball tables, billiards and a large bar. Only great on weekends!

  • 28. Hotel Bellevue

    Recent renovated hotel, ideally located across Engelberg train station and walking distance from the Titlis Rotair ski lift. Including excellent breakfast buffet!

  • 29. Coop

    Save your budget by doing local groceries instead of dining at experience restaurants. Switzerland is very expernsive!

  • 30. Swiss Travel Pass

    Covers free transit in Switzerland on trains, boats, buses and cable cars but also access to 420 museums in Switzerland. Starting at 240 CHF, $240 US dollars, it would be a mistake visiting Switzerland without it.

Hotel Bellevue in Engelberg, Switzerland Hotel Bellevue Breakfast in Engelberg, Switzerland Abbey Cheese Factory in Engelberg, Switzerland Abbey Cheese Factory in Engelberg, Switzerland Intersport Engelberg in Engelberg, Switzerland Intersport Engelberg in Engelberg, Switzerland Ende Der Welt Restaurant in Engelberg, Switzerland Ende Der Welt Restaurant in Engelberg, Switzerland

The standout activity is Airboarding on Mount Brunni. This unique and unexpected sport involves sledding on your stomach on an inflatable mattress. With a dedicated track, airboarding is an exhilarating and fun activity, especially when racing friends. Renting an airboard costs 15 CHF (about $15 USD).

Alpenclub, Engelberg in Engelberg, Switzerland Alpenclub, Engelberg

In conclusion, Engelberg is a fantastic winter sports destination for those looking to avoid the crowded slopes of Austria and Germany. It offers a varied experience suitable for families and professional snowboarders alike. Don’t forget to conclude each meal with a local Luz coffee, a delightful mix of thin coffee with fruit-flavored brandy, showcasing Swiss culinary traditions.

Alpenclub, Engelberg in Engelberg, Switzerland Alpenclub, Engelberg in Engelberg, Switzerland Alpenclub, Engelberg in Engelberg, Switzerland Alpenclub, Engelberg in Engelberg, Switzerland Titlis, Engelberg in Engelberg, Switzerland Brunni Airboarding in Engelberg, Switzerland Ski Lodge Bar in Engelberg, Switzerland Ski Lodge Bar in Engelberg, Switzerland

To save money, consider purchasing the official Swiss Travel Pass. This pass covers free transit in Switzerland on trains, boats, buses, and cable cars, and includes access to over 420 museums. Starting at 240 CHF (about $240 USD), it's a wise investment for exploring Switzerland comprehensively.

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