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B-1 Dynamite!! ParaPara in Roppongi

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I was very excited to be back at my favorite ParaPara event called B-1 Dynamite!! every Wednesday in the heart of Tokyo where people dance to fast Eurobeat music.

Club Forum in Roppongi, Tokyo in Roppongi, Japan cheersing with my para-peeps; Jasmine, Andy, Max & Hitomi in Roppongi, Japan thumbs up with Katsuyoshi (T-REXX) in Roppongi, Japan Katsuyoshi and Bancho in Roppongi, Japan

Wednesday night is my standard parapara night and luckily the event moved from Shinjuku to Roppongi where I am currently living.

donki-hote department store on route to B-1 Dynamite!! in Roppongi, Japan good times at B-1 Dynamite!! in Roppongi, Japan at B-1 Dynamite!! in Roppongi, Japan Max & Jasmine rocking the dance floor in Roppongi, Japan

It took me a while to find the new venue called Studio Forum since it was located in some underground club.

being welcomed back by Bancho and Anna at B-1 Dynamite!! in Tokyo in Roppongi, Japan being welcomed back by Bancho and Anna at B-1 Dynamite!! in Tokyo

I was dumb enough to forget my member card which I obtained in 2009 but luckily the girl at the door recognized me.

Licht Tackea in Roppongi, Japan B-! Dynamite!! in action in Roppongi, Japan Max, Hitomi & Andy in Roppongi, Japan Jasmine & Max pulling some moves in Roppongi, Japan

It was total bliss to finally hear Eurobeat & Hyper Techno being blasted at a club again. I truly miss this experience in Canada.

I bought a bottle of champagne to celebrate my long absence with my friends. It was fantastic seeing everybody again. The parapara scene is a very tight community in Tokyo and I feel honored to be part of it.

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