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Super Euro Flash (SEF) ParaPara Dancing in Tokyo

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ParaPara has been a popular trend in Japan since the late nineties which involves synchronized dancing to fast Eurobeat & Hyper Techno music primarily using your arms. ParaPara in Tokyo has a very tight community with an enthusiastic core of organizers.

Nothing is more entertaining than visiting a crazy parapara party during the weekend.

SEF in Roppongi is one of the ultimate parapara parties in Japan. I met many famous para dancers namely; Rena, Mana, Marie, Ryuichi, Kazu and many others.

Dancing goes on the entire night while they switch the music often from Eurobeat to Hyper Techno.

It is always an intense experience and everybody ends up sweating their butt off during the hot summer days in Tokyo. SEF, which is an abbreviation for Super Euro Flash, is usually held at A-Life nightclub from 19:00 ~ 23:00 in Roppongi.

It is highly recommended to know a good amount of popular routines before going to SEF. Not being able to participate in parapara may not be as enjoyable.

The people at SEF are very friendly and outgoing. I made many friends during these events and I look forward to seeing everyone again in the future.

Nothing beats my first parapara experience back in 2007 at B-1 Dynamite, that must have been one of the most awkward parties in my life I walked into but ended up growing on me and now it is one of my favorite hobbies.

On a funny side note: Parapara has seen many videogame attempts but the new Dance Masters Evolution seems to have everything necessary to enjoy a good routine. It will be available on the XBOX360 in conjunction with Kinetic motion detection. I found a secret song routine on YouTube.

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