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Largest Cricket Game In London - Pakistan VS the WORLD

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How is it possible that Pakistan is so good at cricket that it has the play the entire world to proof a point?

One of the reasons I went to London was to meet up with one of our clients who also invited me to a cricket game at the Oval stadium.

We met up in the early evening, she organized a big dinner party with other clients at a VIP skybox at the London Cricket Stadium, also known as The Brit Insurance Oval Stadium.

There was a big game taking place; a fundraiser during the match Pakistan vs the rest of the world.

Pakistan was killing it and I learned a lot about the game. It reminded me a lot of Baseball but a bit wackier.

A limo picked us up after the game and were dropped off at a very popular Restaurant called; Lahore Kebab House.The food was a little hot and weird at first since it was my first time eating Indian food. 

After eating biryani I was truly on fire and had to use the washroom badly.Nowadays I am truly loving the spicy Indian food but back in 2006 it was a total effort emptying my plate. 

I was given a ride by my client to a cute but comfortable little hotel just outside of London although it was quite scary driving on the other side of the road.

The next day I went back to Stansted Airport, bought some souvenirs and flew back to Holland were my mom picked me up. To sum it all up, a total Reformatt adventure.

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