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6 Mouthwatering Japanese Dishes To Eat in Tokyo

6 Mouthwatering Japanese Dishes To Eat in Tokyo

Published on Aug. 23, 2013 by

Tokyo is without a doubt the most incredible place on earth for food and thus I compiled a short list of the best things to eat while visiting Japan

beers at a supermarket in Roppongi - I found my favorite beer: Edelweiss in Tokyo, Tokyo, Japandelicious squids 500 YEN per 3 in Tokyo, Tokyo, Japanenjoying a sushi tray for dinner in Tokyo, Tokyo, Japancurry on rice, kirin beer and a green tea dessert from the 711 convenience store in Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan

During my final hours in Tokyo I tried to summarize all the fantastic foods I have eaten and experienced during my stay in the greatest city on earth.


  • 1. Monjayaki

    A type of Japanese pan-fried batter with various ingredients and Tsukishima is the district to get it

  • 2. Okonomiyaki Gyunta

    Japanese savory pancake containing a variety of ingredients get it at the top of the Mitsukoshi department store in Ginza

  • 3. Sukiyabashi Jiro

    Best sushi experience money can buy

  • 4. Eihire

    Grilled stingray with mayonnaise is a true taste surprise

  • 5. Curryrice

    Japanese people love their curry on rice and GoGo Curry is the place to get it

  • 6. Miyabitei Izo

    Authentic Izakaya in Roppongi for incredible Japanese tapas

eihire dried stingray - my favorite snack in Tokyo, Tokyo, Japanhaving lunch with my friend mariko in Ginza who helped me out back in 2007 in Tokyo, Tokyo, Japanokinomiyaki time in Tokyo, Tokyo, Japanroppongi hills in all its glory in Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan

I rented my apartment from a Japanese real estate website in the heart of Roppongi for quite a reasonable price. It came fully furnished with advanced security codes for the building and the unit. They also provided portable wireless internet which I could take with me around the city.

mouth-watering trays of Sushi at the Tokyo Sky Tree supermarket in Tokyo, Tokyo, Japanmouth-watering trays of Sushi at the Tokyo Sky Tree supermarket

To my surprise I found my favorite beer at a local convenience store. The beer Edelweiss is a wheat beer from Austria which I became obsessed with after drinking it in the Austrian Alps in 2012.

beautiful european based entrance gate in roppongi in Tokyo, Tokyo, Japanentrance at the shiodome in Tokyo, Tokyo, Japandesserts at my house includes yogurt, pudding and sake in Tokyo, Tokyo, Japandelicious curry sausage and nan bread from MOS burger in Tokyo, Tokyo, Japantasty rice trays in Tokyo, Tokyo, Japanfish for sale at the Tokyo Sky Tree store in Tokyo, Tokyo, Japangetting ready for Monjayagi with my former neighbor in Tokyo, Tokyo, JapanMonjayaki in action in Tsukishima in Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan

I had lunch with my friend Mariko who helped me out tremendously during my first days in Tokyo around spring of 2007. Due to my initial culture shock I forgot my creditcard PIN codes and was unable to take out money at the bank, she helped me (as a stranger) to some cash until I figured out my PIN codes. She is a great example of the amazing generousity of the Japanese people.

monjayaki lunch wiith my former neighbor Hideaki in Tokyo, Tokyo, Japanmonjayaki lunch wiith my former neighbor Hideaki

I had my final lunch with my friend Hideaki who was my former Japanese neighbor at the Skymark Building in Mississauga where I used to live back in 2007. It was great catching up again while cooking up a delicious Monjayaki meal.

monjayaki time in Tokyo, Tokyo, Japanmonjayaki lunch in tsukishima in Tokyo, Tokyo, Japanmy apartment in roppongi - doing work in Tokyo, Tokyo, Japanedelweiss during work in roppongi in Tokyo, Tokyo, Japandoor to my apartment in Tokyo, Tokyo, Japanmy apartment bedroom in roppongi in Tokyo, Tokyo, Japanmy apartment in roppongi in Tokyo, Tokyo, Japanmy washroom in roppongi in Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan

At night I met up with many of my friends, saying goodbye was difficult but I am determined to return once again. It will always be the land where dreams become reality.

delicious dinner: egg with rice in Tokyo, Tokyo, Japandelicious dinner: egg with rice

I barely made my flight back to Canada due being stuck in traffic on route back to Shinjuku Station where I had to take the Narita Express to the International Airport. With sweat running down my spine rushing from the station to the airport I just made it just in time to the ticket counter.

my keycode entrance to my apartment in roppongi in Tokyo, Tokyo, Japaninteresting building exterior in Tokyo, Tokyo, Japanspagetti chips in Tokyo, Tokyo, Japanyakisoba lunch in Tokyo, Tokyo, Japancalbee chips in Tokyo, Tokyo, Japanrice snacks in Tokyo, Tokyo, Japanmy bed in roppongi in Tokyo, Tokyo, Japanchocobanana candy in Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan

They told me that the flight was full (AirCanada is notorious for overselling their seats). I assured them that it was imparrative that I made my flight to Vancouver since I was on a tight time schedule. They offered me $500 dollars and a flight to Calgary with a connecting flight to Vancouver where I would arrive 1 day later. I passed up the deal since time is priceless.

my favorite beer in tokyo in Tokyo, Tokyo, Japanmy favorite beer in tokyo

Other Notable foods I tried during my stay:

  • Curry Nan from MOS Burger
  • Curry on rice from 711 convenience store
  • Eihire (dried stingray) my new obsession
  • EdelWeiss beer in Tokyo