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7-Day Tokyo Itinerary


7-Day Tokyo Itinerary

Updated on November 20, 2023 by

This is my Ultimate Tokyo Pocket 7-day Itinerary with the best things to do, Japanese dishes to eat, where to go out at night and the most fun activities. I have traveled Japan extensively for over a decade to create this special list with maps by district to guarantee the best memories.

Epic 7-day Tokyo Travel Itinerary

This mobile-friendly itinerary includes epic places like Tokyo Skytree, Real Mario Kart, Meiji Shrine, teamLab Planets, animal cafes, hot springs, karaoke, nightclubs and all of Tokyo's crazy restaurants.

Day 1: Harajuku - Monday

The heart of the funky fashion district of Tokyo, an excellent place for street snacks, street photography and upscale shopping.

Day 2: Odaiba - Tuesday

Visit the fish market, eat sushi and explore the Odaiba entertainment island.

Day 3: Shinjuku - Wednesday

The business district with the most ridiculous shops in Tokyo next to the red light district.

Day 4: Tokyo East - Thursday

Attend a sumo match, go temple exploring and become a nerd in the Akihabara neighborhood.

Day 5: Tokyo Central - Friday

Visit the emperor's palace, rip up the streets in mario karts and mingle with amazing locals in Tokyo.

Day 6: Shibuya - Saturday

The youth fashion district of Tokyo with world's busiest intersection and the best party nightlife!

Day 7: Disney Sea - Sunday

End your Tokyo adventure with a visit to Tokyo's best theme park.

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In Conclusion

Too many people have asked me to create a special Tokyo itinerary "Reformatt-style", often I hear people not knowing how to plan out their days in Tokyo since many locations are quite scattered. This Tokyo pocket itinerary is designed to get the most locations out of each district sorted by best-time-to-visit.

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This list offers many places most tourists do not know about, making your Tokyo adventure even more unique with more authentic food and more authentic experiences! Now purchase a flight ticket and go explore Tokyo!

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