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Aggressive Inline Skating At The Half-pipe In IJmuiden

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Inline skating was one of my greatest passions during the 90's, it was my dream to become as good as the famous Takeshi Yasutoko. IJmuiden was known for having one of the largest Half-pipes in Holland.

 in IJmuiden, Netherlands

Inline skating was definitely one of my greatest hobbies during the 90's besides making websites. My true passion lay with the half-pipe or vert-ramp. It was a true challenge trying to master this gigantic pipe.

I purchased a good set of skates, 5th Element by Roces, in order to get better at my stunts. One of my favorite moves were the Alleyoop makio in the vert-ramp, 360, backside, soul grinds and the x-grind. My friends and I often went to the Rollerwave in Zandvoort which was a huge indoor skatepark built in an old seaquarium. The created giant vert pipes in the dolphin and orca basins.

 in IJmuiden, Netherlands

I hurt myself quite a bit during these years, once I ended up with my head against a fence. I had to be driven to the hospital by an ambulance to receive 7 staples on my head. The second time was trying the drop-in on a vert-pipe and falling straight down on my chin which had to be glued in the hospital.

The third time I tried the top-soul alleyoop makio in the quater-pipe in Zandvoort and torn my ligaments in my left foot. I had to wear a cast for 3 months in order to heal it again. Going to school during these days was terrible, stumbling through the hallways with crutches ain't a lot of fun. This was pretty much the end of my skating career.

One of the great memories was the vert-pipe at the Megafestatie at the Jaarbeurs in Utrecht. They had a national Dutch championships competition were I ended up in 10th place. My friend Donny made it to the 4th place which was definitely a highlight.

My idols: Takeshi Yasutoko (Japan), Eito Yasutoko (Japan), Sven Boekhorst (Netherlands), Taig Chris (France)

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