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Crazy 30 Hours LAN Party in Toronto: MattLAN 12

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Let the inner nerd awaken at my 30+ hour LAN party where we drink beers, eat pizza and play videogames until we drop. Occationally females show up to support our cause.

Our focus was primarily on the videogames during MattLan 12 instead of the annual outdoor events, like smashing equipment during Mattlan 9.

I bought a huge amount of snacks for the 30+ hour event which started on Saturday morning and lasted until Sunday midnight.

The snacks were ranging from pizza's, chips, hard liquor and lots of beer. My buddy Mike brought the most ultimate LAN snack: Cantina Grill Party Platter.

We played our favorite game Team Fortress 2, this game works on most laptops, is free for download and is a solid multiplayer game.

My buddy Thomas brought and entire loaf of delicious banana bread. I would like to thank everyone for bringing all the additional snacks and booze to the party.

Playing videogames until the sun comes up does take its toll on the body but the enjoyment is priceless.

I added some other event pictures and videos which also happened that same week: night out at the Thompson Hotel, ramen at Kenzo on Dundas, dinner time at Il Bun Ji in Koreatown, Japanese tapas at DonDon Izakaya and MattLAN breakfast at our good ol' Fox & Fiddle across the street.

It looked like a bomb exploded when I walked through the house in the morning.

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