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Witness My Life In The Heart Of Tokyo

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My first month in Tokyo was an absolute bliss, living among the friendliest people in the world in Tokyo's Sangubashi area where I took most of these photos and videos.

yoyogi hachiman station in Tokyo, Japan happy birthday in Tokyo, Japan my new gyaru-o haircut in Tokyo, Japan tokyo metro in Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo lifestyle is a compilation of my first month in Tokyo. I moved at the end of July for 3 full months to the city of my dreams.

downtown shibuya in Tokyo, Japan hmv in a shibuya sidestreet in Tokyo, Japan the tokyo railway system in Tokyo, Japan donburi is delicious in Tokyo, Japan

My trip to Tokyo was such a success in 2007 thus I had to go again. I rented an apartment in Sangubashi next to Yoyogi Park in central Tokyo which was very close to my favorite districts of Shinjuku (business district) and Shibuya (fashion district).

summer festival in shibuya in Tokyo, Japan summer festival in shibuya

The apartment was provided by Sakura House, a fantastic property rental company for foreigners in Tokyo. Everyday was a delight waking up and knowing I was living in Tokyo, nothing on this planet could replace that feeling.

sangubashi in Tokyo, Japan sangubashi station in Tokyo, Japan matt and hachiko in Tokyo, Japan karaoke in shinjuku with heather, jasmine and max in Tokyo, Japan cute pink van in Tokyo, Japan yuko at baby doll doggy store in Tokyo, Japan giant beetle at yoyogi park in Tokyo, Japan drinking games in kabukicho above a classic little bar in Tokyo, Japan

The apartment was very small, the washroom was made all out of plastic (almost like a complete unit), there were shared wash/dryer facilities, free internet with the apartment, below was an Izakaya and across was a McDonald's, train station was a 2 minute walk, and delicious fresh Sushi was available at the Supermarket a few blocks away.

birthday drinks in kabukicho in Tokyo, Japan birthday drinks in kabukicho

Sangubashi is a pretty rich area, many successful Japanese people live here and I am happy to have had the privilege to live among them.

vending machines in Tokyo, Japan shibuya downtown in Tokyo, Japan shopping in japan in Tokyo, Japan smap softbank ad in shibuya in Tokyo, Japan manga available for free at the karaoke in Tokyo, Japan heather, max, jasmine and team tokyo in Tokyo, Japan no pedestrian only in Tokyo, Japan matt and heather in Tokyo, Japan

The first month was very difficult in getting settled and getting used to actually living in Tokyo. I went to BIG CAMERA to purchase a wireless internet stick.

shibuya crossing in Tokyo, Japan shibuya crossing

I had to fill out all the paperwork in Japanese which was a mental disaster and took forever to figure out. The internet stick gave me the ability to still do my daily work while traveling through Japan.

my washroom before I left Canada in Tokyo, Japan leaving my cabinet behind in Tokyo, Japan B-1 Dynamite!! in Tokyo, Japan siper at yoyogi park in Tokyo, Japan ed hardy in shibuya - oh no in Tokyo, Japan delicious burgers in tokyo in Tokyo, Japan my new tokyo belt in Tokyo, Japan harajuku crossing in Tokyo, Japan

My best feeling was the moment the cab dropped me off in front of my new apartment at night after a long flight, train ride and obtaining the house key. I will never forget this moment, it was total bliss. I jumped immediately in the shower, ordered some ramen noodles and passed out in my comfy bed.

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