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Barcelona Nightlife Guide: TOP 6 Bars & Clubs

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This is my ultimate Barcelona nightlife guide featuring the Top 6 bars & nightclubs which I carefully selected including places such as Sala Apolo, Jamboree, Shocko, Moog for their epic techno and La Terrrazza known for their insane outdoor dance floor.

Tips & Advice
  • Why: Most epic nightlife in Spain after Ibiza.
  • Last Call: Big clubs close at 6:00am.
  • Accommodation: Stay near Placa Reial (
  • Best Barcelona Bar: Jamboree (Friday night)
  • Best Barcelona Nightclub: Opium (Saturday night)
  • Book Now: Barcelona Pub Crawl for just $27 USD
  • Book Now: Barcelona Tapas Crawl for just $65 USD

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 in Barcelona, Spain  in Barcelona, Spain  in Barcelona, Spain  in Barcelona, Spain

The vibrant Barcelona Nightlife in Spain lasts until the early hours every day. You'll be able to find a packed jam any time of the week. Straight up, Nasty Mondays at Sala Apolo is the best party in Barcelona. The whole town pours into this large nightclub with a giant dance floor every Monday. Do not miss out! Especially, on your first Monday in Barcelona so you can make many new local friends.


Best Places for Nightlife in Barcelona

  • 1. Sala Apolo

    Don't miss Nasty Mondays, best party in Barcelona at 15 euros

  • 2. Jamboree

    Large international crowd at 5 euros entrance

  • 3. Shocko

    Upscale nightclub with large dance floor at 20 euros

  • 4. Moog

    Underground techno club on La Rambla street at 20 euros

  • 5. Opium

    One of the hottest nightclubs in Barcelona, join the Opium VIP tour for just $51 USD

  • 6. La Terrrazza

    The most incredible outdoor dance floor in Barcelona, only open on Fridays and Saturdays.

 in Barcelona, Spain  in Barcelona, Spain  in Barcelona, Spain  in Barcelona, Spain

Besides Nasty Mondays, I recommend Jamboree for a fun international party, the lineups at Jamboree will get long around 1am to 2am on weekends. For a solid techno party head over to Moog, the lineups at Moog can be even longer so do come early around 11pm, since they are known for the best underground techno jams in Spain.

 in Barcelona, Spain

If you are looking for an upscale nightclub, you'll have a blast at Shocko. Shocko is located on the Barcelona boulevard next to Pacha Barcelona and Opium, 2 other popular nightclubs but are usually very expensive with too many wannabe baller dudes and gold-diggers, not sure if you are in to that sorta thing but do be aware of what you get yourself into.

 in Barcelona, Spain  in Barcelona, Spain  in Barcelona, Spain  in Barcelona, Spain  in Barcelona, Spain  in Barcelona, Spain  in Barcelona, Spain  in Barcelona, Spain

The atmosphere in the Barcelona Nightlife was excellent but remember that you'll be sweating buckets during the summer months, especially in crowded underground places like Moog and Jamboree. In that case head all the way to the other side of town for the most epic outdoor dance floor at La Terrraza, but is only open on Fridays and Saturdays with often famous DJs ripping up a few fantastic sets. Do make this a high priority on your party bucket list for Barcelona. In conclusion, Barcelona has a great nightlife but if you do not want to deal with the logistics, join the Barcelona Pub Crawl for just $27 USD or purchase the FREE entrance Barcelona Nightclub Pass for just $17 USD with access to 29 nightclubs which is an INSANE deal. Alternatively, there is the Opium VIP experience for $51 USD if you are considering partying in the Barcelona boulevard area.

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