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Eating Pig Ears

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Let's bite down on a bunch of chewy pig ears at an Okinawa-style restaurant located in the Ikebukuro district of Tokyo.

Tips & Advice
  • What: Kachashi Restaurant (かちゃーしー 池袋店)
  • Where: Suyama Building, 3 Chome−30−10, Nishiikebukuro, Tokyo [Map]
  • When: Daily 5pm until 3am
  • Price: ¥2,700 Yen ($7 USD) for 2.5 hours
  • Why: Experience Okinawa cuisine in Tokyo
  • Notes: Try the goya-champuru, mimiga (pig ears) and Okinawa seaweed.
  • Similar: Awa Odori Restaurant

matt & heather, ready for another drinking adventure in Ikebukuro, Japan tofu and umibudo in Ikebukuro, Japan goya-champuru - okinawan cuisine in Ikebukuro, Japan poku-tamago, fried eggs & spam in Ikebukuro, Japan

Okinawan cuisine is very unique, quite unknown to most people and can be considered a mix of American, Japanese and Taiwanese influences.

fine gentleman from Okinawa performing local songs in Ikebukuro, Japan umibudo - okinawa-style seaweed in Ikebukuro, Japan deep-fried seaweed, careful its very batter-y in Ikebukuro, Japan mimiga - pig ears from okinawa and very chewy in Ikebukuro, Japan

My friends Heather and Akiko invited me to join them on this food adventure on which I tried Mimiga, boiled pig ears. The pig ears were quite chewy but had some good dressing, and I consider it an acquired taste.

drinking time with my friend Heather & Akiko in Ikebukuro, Japan drinking time with my friend Heather & Akiko

Next we tried the fried egg & spam, which is a remnant of the American influence on Okinawa cuisine. The Okinawa pizza came with onion and ginger, weird combination and I would rather classify it as a pancake than a pizza, but was definitely very tasty.

matt & heather trying okinawa spam in Ikebukuro, Japan okinawa pizza with onion and ginger + mayonnaise in Ikebukuro, Japan okinawan music at cute little restaurant in ikubukuro, tokyo in Ikebukuro, Japan okinawa-style kitchen in Ikebukuro, Japan meeting the man himself, thanking him for making it an amazing evening in Ikebukuro, Japan

The Okinawa seaweed was the most interesting, with tiny little bubbles popping in your mouth, I am surprised that this seaweed dish isn't more known.

The atmosphere at Kachashi got really lively throughout the night, with a okinawan band playing their local folklore. Keep the alcohol flowing and get rambunctious.

If you like this video, than make sure to also watch my video: 10 Strange Japanese Dishes in Tokyo. I personally haven't been to Okinawa yet, but after experiencing this incredible culture it going on my bucket list.

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