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Wild Japanese Girls in Osaka Nightlife

Wild Japanese Girls in Osaka Nightlife

Published on Oct. 4, 2009 by

The Osaka nightlife is very underrated and is a place most foreigners skip due to being far from Tokyo but the Osaka nightclubs, girls and restaurants are some of the best in Japan.

Tips & Advice

Since I arrived in the middle of the night after my adventure in Nagoya, I decided to quickly get a hotel room and hit up the nightlife district for a nice cold Japanese beer and entertainment.


  • 1. OWL Osaka

    Great place to start the night

  • 2. Vanity

    High-end nightclub, fantastic party place with lots of girls!

  • 3. Grand Cafe

    Excellent place to end the night, this is a great bar to go crazy!

The minute I left the hotel I ran into these awesome girls that told me about some great spots in Osaka.

We took a bunch of silly pictures and after a while more of their friends showed up.

The Osaka nightlife is just as vibrant and entertaining as the Tokyo nightlife.

It offers a great variety in nightclubs, bars, restaurants and arcades.

The most notable item in Shinsaibashi must have been the gigantic Glico AD on one of the buildings alongside the river, and don't miss the huge ferris wheel at the Donki-hote department store. 

The river banks are decked out with walkways and beautiful bridges for a nice evening stroll.

I had a blast at the following places: Lunar Club (trance, underground), Grand Cafe, Shinsaibashi (shopping district) and hanging with locals at the FamilyMart.