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Universal Studios Japan: Complete 10 Areas Guide

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This is my complete guide to Universal Studio Japan (USJ) including all 10 areas and the Halloween Horror Nights walk with parks like the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, World's biggest Minion Park, the Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man and the upcoming Super Nintendo World at USJ in Osaka.

Tips & Advice
  • What: Universal Studios Japan (USJ)
  • Why: World's 4th largest theme park
  • Where: 2 Chome-1-33 Sakurajima, Konohana Ward, Osaka [Map]
  • When: 8:30am - 21:00pm
  • Price: Prices starting at ¥7,400 Yen ($66 USD)
  • Tips: Book your USJ Express Pass Online to skip the waiting lines
  • Best event: Halloween Horror Nights during Halloween
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 in Osaka, Japan  in Osaka, Japan  in Osaka, Japan  in Osaka, Japan

Universal Studios Japan, also known as "USJ", has something to offer for young and old. I did include the famous Universal Studios Japan "Halloween Horror Nights" video footage with zombie shows throughout the park ranging from cute zombies, clown zombies to toxic zombies and pirate zombies. These are the 10 areas & parks within USJ:

Best Places in Osaka

  • 1. Hollywood

    Here you will find the Shrek 4D, Hollywood Dream and Space Fantasy rides.

  • 2. New York City

    Home to one of the oldest rides but still fun; The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man.

  • 3. San Francisco

    Pretty cool replica of the San Francisco docks and home to many restaurants.

  • 4. Jurassic Park

    One of the better areas with attractions; Jurassic Park The Ride and The Flyer Dinosaur.

  • 5. Minion Park

    World's biggest Minion park with the hilarious Despicable Me Minion Mayhem ride.

  • 6. Universal Wonderland

    This area is primarily designed for the kids with Sesame Street and Hello Kitty attractions.

 in Osaka, Japan  in Osaka, Japan  in Osaka, Japan  in Osaka, Japan

USJ is located in Osaka and it covers 140-acers and is the fourth most visited theme park in the world topping 14 million visitors per year. Universal Studios Japan has 10 major areas loaded with epic attractions. You will start the park at Hollywood from where you can continue to San Francisco and New York City.

  • 7. Waterworld

    One of the big outdoor shows; A Live Sea War Spectacular.

  • 8. Amity Island

    Enjoy a wild ride thru an ocean of sharks.

  • 9. The Wizarding World of Harry Potter

    Definitely the best ride at USJ, follow Harry Potter on all his adventures.

  • 10. Super Nintendo World

    To be completed in 2020. I'LL BE BACK for this one!

 in Osaka, Japan

At Jurassic Park I went on "Jurassic Park: the Ride". You can also enjoy the insane flying dinosaur and world's largest minion area for their despicable me minion mayhem ride which I actually really enjoyed but my favorite part of the minion park was the banana popcorn. Other areas include Universal Wonderland for the kids and Waterworld and not to forget the crazy JAWS ride at Amity Island.

 in Osaka, Japan  in Osaka, Japan  in Osaka, Japan  in Osaka, Japan  in Osaka, Japan  in Osaka, Japan  in Osaka, Japan  in Osaka, Japan

The best area of all has to be the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Get yourself a magic wand to perform magic tricks throughout the park and hop on the most incredible ride you will ever be on. It felt like I was riding a broomstick chasing Harry Potter through all his adventures. This ride can have lines up to 3 hours thus I highly recommend you purchase the USJ Express Pass for $66 USD. Top it off with a warm or cold Butterbeer and taste the creamy butterscotch shortbread to end this magical adventure. Now the 10th area has not been completed yet, the highly anticipated Super Nintendo World will be opened in 2020, I cannot wait to check it out!

 in Osaka, Japan

The best part of USJ has to be the Halloween Horror Nights every evening from early September to early November including scary zombie walks with themes ranging from clown zombies, toxic zombies, pirates zombies, tribal zombies, cute zombies, mutant zombies, punk zombies, prisoner zombies! You'll find yourself fending off hordes of zombies. An entrance ticket to the park starts at 7400 yen but prices do vary from day to day but I highly recommend you buy the express pass online to avoid long waiting lines. Also, try to visit during the low season, around January and February and my final tip; arrive 1 hour before opening to get the most out of your day at USJ but go on a weekday since weekends are insanely crowded. Book your USJ Express Pass Online to skip the waiting lines!

 in Osaka, Japan  in Osaka, Japan  in Osaka, Japan  in Osaka, Japan  in Osaka, Japan  in Osaka, Japan  in Osaka, Japan  in Osaka, Japan

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