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Seoul Nightlife Guide: TOP 30 Bars & Clubs + Pub Crawl

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This is my ultimate Seoul Nightlife Guide featuring the best 30 bars, rooftop patios, speakeasies, date spots, cocktail lounges and nightclubs which I carefully selected during a 1-month stay. Have yourself an unforgettable night at the popular Hongdae and Itaewon districts at epic places like Mike’s Cabin, Jack’s Bar, Fountain, B1, Thursday Party, La Bamba, Ugly Society, Grand Ole Opry and of course the Hongdae Pub Crawl.

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Tips & Advice
  • Why: Most underrated nightlife city of East-Asia!
  • When: All-year-round
  • Last Call: Bars & nightclubs stay open until 5am
  • Best Seoul Eats: Maple Tree House
  • Best Seoul Cocktails: Dresser Bar
  • Best Seoul Bar: Seoul Pub Crawl by Absolute (Friday night)
  • Best Seoul Nightclub: Fountain (Saturday night)
  • Best Seoul Experience: Seoul Food Tour ($98 USD)
  • Best Seoul Value: Access 25+ Attractions with the Seoul City Pass
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  • Book Now: Seoul Pub Crawl just $25 USD (10% OFF)

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Seoul Nightlife scene in South-Korea in Seoul, South Korea Hongdae Pub Crawl in Seoul at Zen Bar in Seoul, South Korea Club Made in Hongdae on a Saturday night in Seoul, South Korea Seoul nightlife at the early evening among lots of neon lights in Seoul, South Korea

Seoul's nightlife is a dazzling array of experiences, each district offering its own unique flavor. Seoul's best nightlife districts are Hongdae, Itaewon, and Gangnam, alongside lesser-known gems like Myeongdong, Euljiro, and Apgujeong. This guide delves into the best rooftop patios, speakeasies, bars, pub crawls, music festivals, nightclubs, and more, ensuring visitors can fully immerse themselves in Seoul's nocturnal offerings.

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Best Places for Nightlife in Seoul

  • 1. La Luz

    Massive new venue with 3 large floors, popular arcade games, neon-fluorescent basement, ping-pong, whiskey bar, cirucs themed bars an afforable prices. Pizza $3 USD, beers $5 USD, entrance is FREE

  • 2. Hongdae Pub Crawl

    Are you new to Seoul? I highly recommend you join the Seoul Pub Crawl by Absolute so you can familiarize yourself with the nightlife and current clubs. Just $17 USD including many free shots. 4 Bars + 1 Nightclub in 6 hours of epic fun!

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  • 3. Retro Game Bar

    Seoul's Pub Crawl often kicks off here for some warm-up video games from a wide variety of classic consoles, like Dreamcast and PlayStation. Beers $4 USD, cocktails $7 USD - it is an excellent spot to get the night started.

  • 4. Zen

    Popular among young international students, and local Koreans wanting to mingle with foreigners. They have a second bar, Zen II, right next door, in case you aren't satisfied at Zen I.

  • 5. Mike's Cabin

    One of the popular stops on the Seoul Pub Crawl in Hongdae, this place has a wild crowd and a really fun party atmosphere. A great place to mingle and make new local friends. Beers & wine $4 USD, cocktails $5 USD

  • 6. Club FF

    Located on the popular Hongdae club street 와우산로17길 (Wauson-ro 17-gil). A fun laid-back party bar with music ranging from K-pop to retro 80s. Entrance is FREE, and beers only $3.50 USD

Korean girls at Mike's Cabin in Hongdae in Seoul, South Korea Thursday Party in Hongdae in Seoul, South Korea NB2 or Noise Basement in Hongdae in Seoul, South Korea La Luz basement in Hongdae in Seoul, South Korea

Hongdae is a magnet for the young and the artistic, brimming with energetic bars, clubs, and street performances. Club FF and Zigzagg showcase diverse musical genres from K-pop to hip-hop, creating a pulsating atmosphere where you can party hard until dawn. The Hongdae Pub Crawl by Absolute at just $25 USD, is an ideal starting point for newcomers, featuring stops at notable venues like Retro Game Bar, Zen Bar and Mike's Cabin, ensuring a night filled with fun and new acquaintances. With its eclectic mix of entertainment, from arcade games at La Luz to the underground hip-hop scene at B1 and Sinkhole, Hongdae is the heart of Seoul's youth culture.

  • 7. B1

    Next to Club FF is B1, popular for its solid selection of rap, hip-hop and R&B. Quite an underground vibe and very popular with the youngsters and foreigners.

  • 8. Zigzagg

    Known for its high energy parties every weekend, blasting K-pop and hip-hop music. Even the pool table doubles as a dance floor. Entrance is FREE, but expect a line after 12am on weekends.

  • 9. Thursday Party Hongdae

    Excellent international bar to meet local Koreans, foreigners and young international students. This place is a true melting pot and an excellent atmosphere. Entrance is FREE! Note: do come early!

  • 10. Sinkhole

    Low-key hiphop and R&B dive bar. A bit smaller than most venues but definitely a chill atmosphere and great to mingle.

  • 11. NB2

    Across the street from Sinkhole is NB2 aka Noise Basement, and here since 1999, has 2 floors and offers a wide range of music from modern pop to hiphop. Crowd is mostly Korean.

  • 12. La Bamba

    Are you in the mood for Latin vibes? Hit up La Bamba! Often rammed by midnight due to its convenient location, the party is at street level. Entrance is FREE

Korean bottle service girls at a Seoul nightclub in Seoul, South Korea Korean bottle service girls at a Seoul nightclub

Itaewon offers a global nightlife experience with its array of bars and clubs catering to an international crowd. The district is divided into three main areas: Bogwang-ro 59-gil (for the more laid-back alternative bars), Itaewan-ro 27ga-gil (for the absolute party lovers), and Noksapyeong-daero 40-gil (for the high-end cocktail bars), each offering its own unique nightlife vibe. Fountain and Jack’s Bar are among the top destinations, providing quality party experiences and the chance to mingle with both locals and expats. The Itaewon Pub Crawl by Absolute for just $25 USD, is a fantastic way to explore the area's vibrant bar scene. Also, consider making sure to check out Ugly Society for breathtaking views, The White Rabbit Taphouse for an impressive selection of whiskeys, and Night Sounds for their weekly sexy burlesque shows and wild Korean girls. Alternatively, check out Smalls, Cakeshop, Prost and Off The Record.

  • 13. Club Aura

    Larger EDM clubs in Hongdae are Club G1 and Club Aura of which the latter is the more popular one, with massive lineups every weekend, and mostly Korean. Go here if you want to rave it up!

  • 14. PINK's Rooftop

    In the center of it all is PINK's. Its rooftop overlooks the main party streets of Hongdae. Prices are bit higher than average due to having a nice view but at least the entrance is FREE.

  • 15. White Rabbit Taphouse

    Known for their impressive selection of whiskeys and excellent draft beers. I usually start an Itaweon adventure here. A perfect place to kick off your night.

  • 16. Coley

    Down the street from the White Rabbit Taphouse is Coley. A bit pricey but a great place to mingle with foreigners. Their second floor is quite cozy and a great place to enjoy quality cocktails.

  • 17. Dresser Bar

    Perhaps the most high-end cocktail bar on cocktail street: 녹사평대로40나길. Interior decor is fantastic, classical style, but does require a high budget to enjoy a couple of drinks here. Their policy: no coffee & no beer

  • 18. Ugly Society

    Hidden rooftop with the most astonishing views of Itaewon! Located down at the less known party street: 보광로59길 (Bogwang-ro 59-gil). You'll find only Koreans here and it is perfect for a romantic date. However, this place can be hard to find, so download my map!

Le Camber craft cocktail bar in Gangnam in Seoul, South Korea Alice cocktail bar in Gangnam in Seoul, South Korea famous Korean SIENA girls performing live on stage in Seoul in Seoul, South Korea Zigzagg club in Hongdae, excellent place to mingle in Seoul, South Korea Picturesque alley ways in Itaewon in Seoul, South Korea BAR DRESSER in Itaewon for fancy cocktails in Seoul, South Korea Jack's Bar in Itaewon in Seoul, South Korea famous Grand Ole Opry bar in Itaewon in Seoul, South Korea

Understanding the local taxi system is crucial for seamless navigation through Seoul's streets. Taxis are plentiful, but being aware of the signs displayed can save you from unnecessary hassle. A red sign reading 빈 차 (bin cha) indicates the taxi is available, while a green sign reading 예약 (yeyag) signifies it's reserved. If you see 휴무 (hyumu) in blue, the taxi is off duty. This knowledge can prevent confusion and ensure a smoother experience when traveling around the city, especially during the bustling nightlife hours.

  • 19. Night Sounds

    Also located on 보광로59길 (Bogwang-ro 59-gil), and famous for its spicy weekend burlesque events with a high-energy crowd. Enjoy shows on Friday and Saturday at 12:30am. Entrance is FREE

  • 20. The Parlour Seoul

    For some good low-key Korean hiphop events checkout the Parlour, around the block from Night Sounds. Entrance is FREE

  • 21. Itaewon Pub Crawl

    As a newcomer to Seoul, you must join the Seoul Pub Crawl by Absolute in Itaewon, so you can familiarize yourself with the nightlife and most current nightclubs. Just $17 USD including many free shots. 4 Bars + 1 Nightclub in 6 hours of epic fun!

    Get tickets for Itaewon Pub Crawl
  • 22. Jack's Bar

    My favorite bar in Itaewon is Jack's Bar on the most popular party street: 이태원로 27가길 (Itaewon-ro 27-ga-gil). Complete arcade games like Initial D, mega jenga, DDR and retro games like Street Fighter II. Beers ₩5000 won ($4 USD), cocktails ₩7000 won ($5 USD)

  • 23. Fountain

    Most popular nightclub in Itaewon is by far Fountain. Massive venue with multiple floor, incredible decor, arcade games, and solid beats. From Top40 to retro 80s, and a young energetic crowd. Beer $5 USD, cocktails $7 USD

  • 24. Thursday Party Itaewon

    Just like Thursday Party in Hongdae, Itaewon has also a great one. Go here to meet young international students in a pretty laid-back, but fun environment.

Bottle service models at Club Octagon (now closed) in Seoul, South Korea Bottle service models at Club Octagon (now closed)

Gangnam is synonymous with luxury and high-energy clubs. Despite the recent closure of Club Octagon, one of Seoul’s most iconic nightclubs. The area also boasts chic cocktail bars like Le Chamber and Alice, providing a more intimate setting for sophisticated nightlife explorers. However, Gangnam isn’t as popular as it used to be; many bars and clubs have closed down over the years.

  • 25. Grand Ole Opry

    A night in Itaewon wouldn't be complete without a visit to Mama Kim’s Grand Ole Opry, which she runs since 1975 at 84 years old and has the lowest prices in all of Seoul. Beers starts at ₩3000 won ($2 USD). Considered the final resting place for the drunk ones among us.

  • 26. Off The Record

    A fantastic vinyl bar which takes song requests, especially vinyl ones and is another great place before you go out. I'd even consider it a good date spot.

  • 27. Le Style Bar

    Close to Euljiro you'll find Le Style Bar atop the Ibis Styles Hotel. One of Seoul finest rooftops with breathtaking views of the city and N Seoul Tower. Go here to watch romantic sunsets! Entrance is FREE but buying a drinks is expected. Drinks start at $9 USD. I do recommend making a reservation prior.

  • 28. SocialDive

    One of the best Jazz venues! Atop of the Dears Myeongdong Hotel. Enjoy quality Jazz on Saturdays from 8pm to 9:30pm. Reserving ahead is recommended.

  • 29. Sunset Record Bar

    In the heart of the cyberpunk themed Euljiro, rocking a 1970s vibe, vintage drinks and a classic ambiance. Including a little shrine dedicated to retro iconic pop stars. They offer an extensive vinyl collection, and it is excellent to bring a date.

  • 30. Libro Jazz Club

    Located in the basement behind a large book shelf where you can often attend popular evening jam sessions. Also here, make reservations ahead of time.

Heading into the Euljiro district for nightlife in Seoul, South Korea Le Style Bar in Seoul in Seoul, South Korea Le Style Bar has breathtaking views of Seoul in Seoul, South Korea Le Style Bar has breathtaking views of Seoul in Seoul, South Korea SocialDive Jazz nights in Seoul in Seoul, South Korea Le Style Bar has breathtaking views of Seoul in Seoul, South Korea Le Style Bar has breathtaking views of Seoul in Seoul, South Korea Having drinks at Sunset Records Bar in Seoul, South Korea

Euljiro offers a contrast with its cyberpunk streets and intimate jazz bars like SocialDive, located atop the Dears Myeongdong Hotel. Le Style Bar, atop the Ibis Styles Hotel, offers panoramic views and a sophisticated ambiance, making it an ideal spot for couples, with drinks starting at ₩9000 (around $9 USD), while Sunset Record Bar in Euljiro caters to vinyl lovers with its retro decor and themed drinks. These areas are perfect for those seeking a more laid-back evening or a night filled with jazz and cultural nuances. Also, do not pass up the Seoul Food Tour for a Korean culinary adventure, join for $98 USD.

Bogwang-ro 59-gil 보광로59길 (for the more laid-back alternative bars) in Seoul, South Korea Bogwang-ro 59-gil 보광로59길 (for the more laid-back alternative bars)

Myeongdong, primarily known for shopping, transforms at night into a bustling hub of street food and lights, offering a taste of Seoul's lively street culture. Although slightly pricier due to its tourist appeal, it remains a vibrant spot for experiencing Korean street food. Festivals like Waterbomb Seoul and Ultra Korea highlight the city's love for music and celebration, providing an electrifying atmosphere that's perfect for summer. The Hiphopplaya festival caters to hip-hop aficionados, adding to the diverse musical landscape of Seoul's nightlife.

taditional Korean food is a must in Seoul in Seoul, South Korea No beer, No work! in Seoul, South Korea Strolling around Seoul is a fun day time activity in Seoul, South Korea Strolling around Seoul is a fun day time activity in Seoul, South Korea Strolling around Seoul is a fun day time activity in Seoul, South Korea Itaewon alleys in Seoul, South Korea Tacos in Itaewon are epic in Seoul, South Korea VRIZ PC Cafe in Hongdae in Seoul, South Korea

Navigating the late-night landscape of Seoul, especially after an exhilarating night out, can pose a challenge. This is where Vriz PC Café in Hongdae offers a unique solution. As a 24-hour venue, it serves as a sanctuary for those not quite ready to end their night or for those awaiting the first morning trains. Vriz PC café isn't just a place to play video games; it's an experience, offering a comfortable space to socialize, enjoy snacks, or even catch up on Netflix, for just $2 USD per person per hour. This PC café embodies the city's accommodating and vibrant culture, ensuring that even in the early hours, there's a welcoming place for everyone.

24/7 PC Cafes can be found everywhere in Seoul in Seoul, South Korea 24/7 PC Cafes can be found everywhere in Seoul

For those planning to dive into Seoul's nightlife, my detailed master map including all the locations mentioned in the video + a ton more can be invaluable. These resources ensure visitors can navigate the vibrant nightlife landscape with ease. Download the master map above to prevent yourself from being confused around Seoul.

Gyeongbokgung Palace in Seoul, South Korea Lunch in downtown Seoul in Seoul, South Korea Gyeongbokgung Palace - changing of the guards in Seoul, South Korea Gyeongbokgung Palace in Seoul, South Korea Gyeongbokgung Palace in Seoul, South Korea Gyeongbokgung Palace in Seoul, South Korea Bokchun Hanok village in Seoul, South Korea Bokchun Hanok village in Seoul, South Korea

Tips enhance the experience: visiting clubs between 2 and 4 am for peak energy, collecting stamps for re-entry, and exploring date spots such as Thanks Nature Cafe in Hongdae. Ending the night with traditional Korean dishes and Soju in areas like Gangnam or Itaewon can perfectly round off the evening. Another good date spot is visiting N Seoul Tower for breathtaking views of the Seoul skyline, especially at night.

Rooftop patio in Bokchun Hanok village in Seoul, South Korea Rooftop patio in Bokchun Hanok village

Seoul's efficient public transportation system is a lifeline for both residents and visitors. The trains, particularly the Seoul Metropolitan Subway, are renowned for their punctuality, cleanliness, and convenience, connecting all major districts within the city. For travelers arriving or departing via Incheon International Airport, the AREX Airport Express, just $6 USD, offers a swift and hassle-free transfer to the heart of Seoul in about 40 minutes. Moreover, the Korea Rail Pass, just $90 USD, presents an invaluable opportunity for those looking to explore beyond Seoul, providing unlimited access to trains nationwide, making it an essential tool for adventurous spirits eager to discover the beauty and diversity of Korea.

Seoul downtown in Seoul, South Korea Seoul downtown in Seoul, South Korea Itaewon alley ways in Seoul, South Korea Coley bar in Itaewon in Seoul, South Korea

In a city as technologically advanced as Seoul, relying on the right apps can significantly enhance your experience. While Google Maps is commonly used worldwide, it may not always be the most reliable in South Korea. Instead, downloading local navigation apps like Naver Maps or KakaoMaps can provide more accurate directions and information.

Additionally, for a smooth travel experience within the city, the Kakao T app functions similarly to Uber, offering efficient taxi services at your fingertips. These apps not only facilitate easier movement around the city but also immerse you deeper into the local way of life, making your exploration of Seoul's nightlife both enjoyable and effortless.

Seoul's nightlife, from the bustling streets of Hongdae to the international allure of Itaewon, offers an endless array of experiences. Whether you're drawn to the indie clubs, upscale bars, or cultural festivals, Seoul promises unforgettable nights filled with music, party, and culinary delights, making it a premier destination for nightlife enthusiasts worldwide. 

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