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Shanghai Nightlife Guide: TOP 6 Bars & Clubs

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This is my ultimate Shanghai nightlife guide in China featuring the Top 6 bars & nightclubs which I carefully selected including places such as Muse, Bar Rouge, Sir Ellys, Fusion Nightclub, Linx and the incredible M1NT nightclub where Chinese girls go absolutely wild!

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Tips & Advice
  • Why: Friendliest girls in China, many speak good English!
  • Tip #1: Alcohol is legal to drink on public streets. 
  • Tip #2: Be careful, I came across many nightclub lists on Google of which many were outdated and ended up at closed doors. That is why I created a brand new list of the Shanghai Nightlife!
  • Best Shanghai Bar: Bar Rouge (Friday night) 
  • Best Shanghai Nightclub: M1NT (Saturday night) 
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 in Shanghai, China  in Shanghai, China  in Shanghai, China  in Shanghai, China

Before you go out make sure to install the ExpressVPN app, otherwise you'll not be able to use Google Maps, which is a necessarity if you get lost or cannot find the venue.I got lost many times looking for particular clubs. China bans Google, Facebook, Gmail, Twitter & Instagram. So for communication with the locals install WeChat, which is the WhatsApp of China. If you are tight on time, book the Shanghai Nightlife tour for just $45 US to start of your Shanghai adventure on a high note!

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100+ hours of research went into creating this ultimate map including:
Attractions • Restaurants • Rooftops
Bars • Nightclubs • Walking Routes
and Bonus Tips.
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Best Places for Nightlife in Shanghai

  • 1. M1NT

    My favorite club in Shanghai, this place has sharks in a giant aquarium and great EDM music!

  • 2. Muse

    My second favorite place is Muse on the Bund, great crowd, fist pumping madness!

  • 3. Bar Rouge

    Solid bar on the Bund, note: ladies night on Thursday!

  • 4. Sir Ellys

    Laidback bar with the most mesmerizing view of Pudong in Shanghai

  • 5. Fusion Nightclub

    Decent club for a fun night out to socialize with the younger crowd, note: many foreigners.

  • 6. Linx

    Super upscale club in Shanghai loaded with models and high-rollers. Drinks start at $20

 in Shanghai, China  in Shanghai, China nightwalk on Nanjing Rd in Shanghai in Shanghai, China  in Shanghai, China

Start off your night at Sir Elly's on top of the Peninsula Hotel, this bar has the most mesmerizing view of Shanghai (Pudong business district), than head over a few blocks down the Bund for Bar Rouge. Bar Rouge is the most popular bar in Shanghai where you can meet expats and many English speaking locals, make sure to go on Thursday for Ladies Night! Also, checkout Glamour Bar down the Bund.

 in Shanghai, China

A little further down you'll find club M1NT, this amazing club on the 24th floor of an office building, has a massive shark aquarium in their hallway and often themed events. Entrance is free that's why drinks start at $20, so make sure to pre-drink or come with a thick stack of bills.

 in Shanghai, China  in Shanghai, China  in Shanghai, China  in Shanghai, China  in Shanghai, China  in Shanghai, China absolutely the BEST VIEW of Shanghai at Sir Elly's Restaurant in Shanghai, China interesting piece of art in the lobby at Bar Rouge in Shanghai, China

A 10 minute cab ride from the Bund you'll find Fusion Nightclub in the French Concession and MYST, here you'll find a young often foreign crowd jamming to house & EDM. This place wasn't my cup-of-tea. Than there is Club Shanghai (previously known as Linx Nightclub) near People's Park, a super upscale club with many expensive cars parked up-front. The club was rammed with models and douchebags, although music was good, again Linx had free entrance as well with drinks starting at $20.

 in Shanghai, China

Two other places worth mentioning is NEST, a lounge bar for great dining and predrinking with friends before you start your night and club MUSE across the street from NEST, MUSE actually really surprised me, this place had incredible DJ's, so make sure to check it out when you are in the area.

NEST lounge in Shanghai, great place to start the night in Shanghai, China BAR rouge entrance ticket = $20 CAD / 100 Yuan in Shanghai, China the Peninsula hotel in Shanghai, China bar rouge rules in Shanghai - Shanghai dress code in Shanghai, China bar rouge in Shanghai, China bar rouge epic view in Shanghai, China club FUSION at the French Concession in Shanghai in Shanghai, China club Mint in Shanghai in Shanghai, China

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