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15 Secrets & Best Places in Shanghai, China

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These are my carefully selected best places and personal tips for the biggest city in China. I stayed here for quite a bit to bring you places like Flair, Yu Garden, French Concession and how to cheat China's internet ban.

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french concession in Shanghai in Shanghai, China having a Chinese feast with my Chinese friends in Shanghai in Shanghai, China chinese dumplings in Shanghai in Shanghai, China insane view of Shanghai with a large crowd in Shanghai, China

Shanghai, the "City on the Sea," is China's largest urban center, pulsating with over 23 million inhabitants. This metropolis is a tapestry of ancient traditions and futuristic visions, offering a myriad of experiences, from towering skyscrapers like the Shanghai Tower to serene spaces like the Yu Garden. Affordable living costs make Shanghai a haven for food enthusiasts, with street delicacies like braised pork noodles costing under $2 USD, allowing for a rich culinary exploration on a modest budget.

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Best Places for Travel in Shanghai

  • 1. Nanjing Road

    One of the largest shopping streets in the world!

  • 2. French Concession

    A historic area that was designated to the French, it has a very European feel.

  • 3. Yangs Dumpling

    Absolutely the best dumplings in Shanghai.

  • 4. Drunken Shrimp

    Be adventurous and try eating living shrimp sanitized in red alcohol.

  • 5. Yu Garden

    Most peaceful Chinese garden amidst the busy Shanghai life.

  • 6. Pudong

    The financial district of Shanghai with world's second tallest tower.

central Pudong, business district in Shanghai, China oriental pearl tower in Shanghai in Shanghai, China braised pork and noodles in Shanghai for $2 in Shanghai, China famous Shanghai skyline of the bund with the national flag of China in Shanghai, China

The city's skyline, a marvel of modern architecture, was sculpted in just over two decades, featuring landmarks such as the Jin Mao Tower and the World Financial Center. The juxtaposition of old and new is stark, with the historical Bund offering a stark contrast to the neon-lit Pudong district across the Huangpu River. For panoramic city views, the Flair Observatory atop the Ritz-Carlton provides a stunning, cost-free vantage point.

  • 7. Flair Observatory

    On top of the Ritz-Carlton hotel for the best view of Shanghai and the Bund.

  • 8. The Bund

    Busiest tourist attraction of Shanghai to view the most epic skyline in the world called Pudong. Tip: go at night!

  • 9. Duck Feet

    Try the Chinese duck feet for a culinary adventure!

  • 10. Shanghai Nightlife

    People in Shanghai are very outgoing, enjoy an eve with expats and locals at places such as: Mint, Muse, Bar Rouge, Linx, Fusion and Sir Elly's!

  • 11. Chinese Street Food

    Blow your taste-buds! Chinese street food can be found on Sichuan Middle St, near the Bund.

  • 12. Jogging

    Explore Shanghai in-style by going for a jog thru narrow alley ways you otherwise would never discover.

gorgeous skyline of Shanghai during day time in Shanghai, China gorgeous skyline of Shanghai during day time

Exploring Shanghai on foot, particularly through bustling Nanjing Road towards the People's Park, offers an authentic slice of local life, including the unique Shanghai Wedding Market. This contrast of cultures and classes, from sidewalk vegetable vendors to luxury car showrooms, paints a vivid picture of the city's diverse socio-economic landscape.

  • 13. Shanghai Wedding Market

    Parents of unmarried adults flock to People's Park to exchange details on their children.

  • 14. ExpressVPN

    China prohibits the use of Google, Facebook & Twitter but with ExpressVPN you can work around the ban.

  • 15. Fish Inn Hotel

    Fantastic hotel with great rates located on the Bund and next to the subway. Most ideal location!

fashion in the french concession in Shanghai in Shanghai, China mesmerizing view of Shanghai at FLAIR in Shanghai, China with my Chinese friends on the Bund in Shanghai, China shopping mall at Nanjing Road. Shanghai in Shanghai, China downtown Shanghai, sunset in Shanghai, China fashion week in Shanghai in Shanghai, China Nanjing Rd. in Shanghai in Shanghai, China Chinese dim sum in Shanghai, China

Friendships forged in Shanghai led to memorable experiences, like dining on duck feet along Nanjing Road and savoring drinks at the illustrious rooftop bar of Sir Elly's. The city's nightlife thrives in districts like Xintiandi, where the French Concession's European ambiance meets the vibrancy of local events like fashion week and Octoberfest.

m&m's are popular in Shanghai in Shanghai, China m&m's are popular in Shanghai

Navigating Shanghai's digital landscape requires tools like ExpressVPN, due to China's stringent internet regulations. This service is indispensable for accessing global platforms like Google and Facebook, ensuring connectivity amidst censorship. Despite these digital hurdles, Shanghai's allure remains undiminished, offering an unforgettable adventure to its visitors.

an afternoon jog on the Bund in Shanghai in Shanghai, China VIPABC in Shanghai in Shanghai, China forever 21 in Shanghai in Shanghai, China Shanghai Tower, world's second largest building in Shanghai, China china doesn't allow Facebook, YouTube, instagram, Google, email, twitter, LINE... so sad in Shanghai, China jogging on the Bund in Shanghai, China Nanjing Rd in Shanghai in Shanghai, China Nanjing Rd in Shanghai in Shanghai, China

Nanjing Road and the French Concession represent the commercial and historical heart of Shanghai, while culinary delights like Yang's Dumplings and the peculiar experience of drunken shrimp reflect the city's gastronomic diversity. Pudong's skyline, especially from the Flair Observatory, and the bustling atmosphere of The Bund at night, showcase the city's architectural grandeur and vibrant urban life.

my new Chinese friends in Shanghai in Shanghai, China my new Chinese friends in Shanghai

For those seeking an authentic taste of Shanghai, duck feet and the eclectic offerings of the city's street food scene provide a culinary adventure. The city's dynamic nightlife, with hotspots like Sir Elly's, captures the energetic spirit of its inhabitants. Amidst this, quieter activities like jogging through Shanghai's alleys offer a personal encounter with the city's charm.

going for drinks at the Peninsula rooftop bar, best view of Pudong at night in Shanghai, China Pudong by Night in Shanghai, China matt with Pudong at night in Shanghai, China lots of mopeds and scooters in Shanghai in Shanghai, China healthy veggies shakes in Shanghai in Shanghai, China Pearl Tower in Shanghai in Shanghai, China pearl tower and giant roud-a-bout in Shanghai in Shanghai, China Sunday at People's Square, parents marrying out their children with Umbrellas in Shanghai, China

The Shanghai Wedding Market in People's Park presents a unique cultural phenomenon, highlighting the traditional aspects of Chinese society. For international visitors, navigating the city's digital restrictions with tools like ExpressVPN ensures a connected, seamless experience. Accommodations like the Fish Inn Hotel offer convenience and comfort, making it a perfect base for exploring the city's wonders.

french concession in Shanghai in Shanghai, China french concession in Shanghai

Shanghai, with its blend of modernity and tradition, affordability, and dynamic lifestyle, remains an enthralling destination for travelers. Its unique character, shaped by its history, architecture, and the vibrancy of its people, offers a rich tapestry of experiences waiting to be explored.

the Bund in Shanghai in Shanghai, China fried noodles and pork dish, both $2 each in Shanghai, China godom - very tasty milky drink in Shanghai, China downtown Shanghai in Shanghai, China Apple store at Nanjing Rd in Shanghai in Shanghai, China inside the Apple Store in Shanghai in Shanghai, China Nanjing Rd in Shanghai in Shanghai, China Nanjing Rd in Shanghai in Shanghai, China

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