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Agefarre 2015 in Tokyo

Agefarre 2015 in Tokyo

Published on Jan. 26, 2016 by

Agefarre is the biggest ParaPara event in Japan and takes place at Ageha nightclub in Tokyo. ParaPara is a unique Japanese dance style which can be enjoyed at nightclubs that play Eurobeat and Hyper Techno music.

Tips & Advice
  • Why: Most popular ParaPara dance event in Tokyo
  • Who: Eurobeat Artists, Ferry Corsten & John Robinson
  • Where: Ageha Nightclub [Map]
  • When: October 11th - 9pm until 5am
  • Price: ¥4,000 Yen ($36 USD)
  • Age: 18+
  • Tickets: Ageha
  • Notes: Take the subway to Shinkiba Station, make sure to visit all rooms, no cameras allowed and knowing a little Japanese is recommended.
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Parapara started in the mid 80's and took the entire country of Japan by storm and had its peak at club Velfarre in the early 2000's.

  • 1. Agefarre

    Once a year at Ageha nightclub, the best ParaPara in Tokyo!

  • 2. SEF

    Super Euro Flash takes places monthly at Maharaja in Roppongi

  • 3. StarFire

    Every month at Pasela Resort in Shinjuku

  • 4. B-1 Dynamite!!

    Every Wednesday from 7pm till 11pm at Gatsby House in Shinjuku

  • 5. Mega Hit!

    Every month at Hearts Cafe in Ikebukuro

  • 6. Disco 90s

    Every other week at Maharaja in Roppongi

Dancing ParaPara can be a very addictive state of mind, and in my opinion worth experiencing, the music, atmosphere and people are one of the main reasons I keep returning to Japan.

Velfarre nowadays is only an annual event where committed Japanese locals and a few foreigners get to relive the nostalgic moments from the late 80's, 90's and early 2000's. To continue the spirit they combined the names Velfarre & Ageha to create: Agefarre.

Eurobeat, Hyper Techno and Trance are some of the main music genres you can dance ParaPara to and some these music genres are only popular in Japan. I will even go as far to say that it can be compared to American line-dancing since it also involves complete synchronization.

The best part of the night was the live performance by one of my favorite eurobeat artists; Cherry! You can watch her entire performance on my second channel: Reformatt Japan.

I was blown away when I walked into some long lost friends in the main room of who some I hadn't seen in 6 years even more mind-blowing, I also ran into Kyohei from TechPara dance group: Hyper Techno Waros, who I met at my first ParaPara party back in 2007 and hadn't seen in 8 years, nostalgic moments one after the other. The highlights in the main room were Ferry Corsten & John Robinson.

If you are interested in parapara, than I recommend you watch this playlist with great beginner lessons! To start your ParaPara adventure in Japan, make sure to check the ParaPara calendar for all the upcoming events and below you'll find a Soundcloud player with notable Eurobeat music, may the force be with you!