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21 Secrets & Things to do in Tokyo, Japan

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These are my carefully selected 21 hidden secrets & best things to do in Tokyo which I've visited 4x times and includes gems like the Parasite Museum, Samurai Show, Kawaii Monster Cafe and tips for the vivid Tokyo nightlife.

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memory lane in Shinjuku, Tokyo in Tokyo, Japan magical Kabukicho Red Light District in Shinjuku, Tokyo in Tokyo, Japan gal cafe 10sion - gyaru cafe in Shibuya in Tokyo, Japan sashimi box, beautiful presentation in Memory Lane, Shinjuku in Tokyo, Japan

Too many boring travel guides are available these days for Tokyo and are all-the-same, that's why I dug deep into this city to bring you the best hidden spots.

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Best Places for Travel in Tokyo

  • 1. Memory Lane

    Best place for Yakitori meat skewers and traditional atmosphere.

  • 2. Samurai Show

    Most bizarre show in Japan with scarcely dressed girls.

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  • 3. Golden Gai

    257 bars with some fitting no more than 5 guests.

  • 4. Shidax Karaoke

    Most epic karaoke room in Tokyo on the top floor with floor-to-ceiling windows.

  • 5. New York Bar

    The famous bar from the movie Lost in Translation with Scarlett Johansson & Bill Murray

  • 6. Parasite Museum

    Grotesque parasites and strange organisms at the Parasitological Museum.

National Art Museum of Tokyo in Tokyo, Japan Tokyo Tower & Zoiji temple in Tokyo, Japan yakitori meat skewers in Shinjuku, memory lane in Tokyo, Japan Yakitori in Tokyo in Tokyo, Japan

The places featured in the detailed video above are split up by district so you can easily do multiple things in the same area to save yourself precious time.

  • 7. Hoppy

    Local traditional mix in combination with Shochu which is 25%

  • 8. Quail Eggs

    Chewy & delicious but strange appetizer

  • 9. Cafe Crepe Laforet

    Most delicious crepes in Harajuku, try the custard, chocolate & banana.

  • 10. Harajuku Kawaii!! Room

    Are you broke? Visit the FREE karaoke room in Harajuku, score 90% and win a FREE crepe.

  • 11. Kawaii Monster Cafe

    Brand-new and super colorful cafe in the heart of Harajuku, try their spaghetti.

  • 12. Shibuya 109 & 109mens

    Most epic fashion in the world, usually years ahead of global fashion world.

Shibuya Crossing at night in Tokyo in Tokyo, Japan Shibuya Crossing at night in Tokyo

My favorite place in Shinjuku is memory lane for the best Yakitori skewers and raw whale meat and raw horse meat if you really want to go hardcore.

  • 13. Campus Summit

    Annual youth & gyaru festival in August including live music shows and fashion shows of popular brands.

  • 14. Gal Cafe 10sion

    Meet the Japanese Gyaru girls at their own cafe 10sion, only Japanese is spoken though.

  • 15. Gonzo

    Cute and delicious French wine bar located behind Shibuya 109, try their ratatouille.

  • 16. Namjatown

    Try the most bizarre Ice-Cream in the world like Indian Curry, Beef Tongue, Shark Fin & Basil.

  • 17. KitKat Chocolatory

    Did you know Japan is crazy for KitKat, with more than 40+ flavours, this place will surprise you!

  • 18. Ukon No Chikara

    Want to have a productive day after drinking? Ukon-no-chikara will prevent a hangover! Drink it before you go out.

Raw Whale meat in Tokyo in Tokyo, Japan tokyo highways by night in Tokyo, Japan Shinjuku, financial district of Tokyo in Tokyo, Japan Gonzo French Bistro in Shibuya in Tokyo, Japan Gonzo French Bistro in Shibuya in Tokyo, Japan akasaka palace gates in Tokyo, Japan akasaka palace in aoyama in Tokyo, Japan takafuku wagyu in Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo can be very expensive if you don't know what you are doing but luckily there are some FREE things to do as well, like Harajuku Kawaii Room where you can win a FREE crepe if you sing like an angel and score 90%.

  • 19. Shibuya Nightlife

    Most fashion-inspired and up-scale nightlife in Tokyo, gorgeous Japanese girls and guys hit the clubs usually after 1am. Not much English is spoken. Go to: T2, Vision & Camelot.

  • 20. Roppongi Nightlife

    Nightlife in the Roppongi district may be more fitting for you if you don't speak Japanese, enjoy great clubs like: New Lex, Jumanji 55 & Muse.

  • 21. Wagyu Beef

    Most expensive and delicious meat available due to the high-levels of fat marbling. Make sure to try it at Takafuku, Haneda Airport before you fly out.

Free Karaoke at Harajuku Kawaii Room in Tokyo, Japan Free Karaoke at Harajuku Kawaii Room

I personally recommend going all out because there are so many amazing things to do you do not want to cheap-out, saving up a few months extra will be worth every penny in the end. A very-rough budget for 2 awesome weeks for 1-person would be around a $1000 flight, $1000 hotel and $1500 for transit, shopping, food, events, museums & party = around $3500 to start.

ko-chan, the dog is the owner in Tokyo, Japan raw horse sashimi in Tokyo, Japan Gonzo French Bistro in Shibuya in Tokyo, Japan Gonzo French Bistro in Shibuya in Tokyo, Japan New Lex, Roppongi in Tokyo, Japan happy birthday Andrew, at New Lex Tokyo in Tokyo, Japan gal cafe 10sion - gyaru cafe in Shibuya in Tokyo, Japan muse nightclub in Roppongi in Tokyo, Japan

The first thing you have to remember about Tokyo is that it doesn't have an actual city center, but has huge districts with each their own city center. Everything is very spread out in this massive metropolitan city so try to at least visit a new district every day. For instance: Shinjuku, Harajuku & Shibuya on day 1. Roppongi, Chiyoda, Akasaka, Tsukiji & Ginza on day 2 and Akihabara, Ikebukuro and Koenji on day 3.

with the boys at New Lex in Tokyo in Tokyo, Japan with the boys at New Lex in Tokyo

My favorite way to explore a city is to go jogging, you'll be surprised what you may find. Many of these photos where taken at places I randomly walked into, places you will never see on a guided tour.

problem with Japan, too many coins in Tokyo, Japan happy birthday Andrew at New Lex Tokyo in Tokyo, Japan Roppongi Nightlife at New Lex in Tokyo, Japan Roppongi Nightlife at New Lex in Tokyo, Japan my favorite snack: Baby Ramen chips in Tokyo, Japan laundry machines can be a headache in Tokyo, Japan delicious German Food at EX Restaurant in Roppongi, Tokyo in Tokyo, Japan giant fish in a pond in Akasaka in Tokyo, Japan

After a long jog you'll be energized enough to explore the vivid and insane Tokyo nightlife. I recommend either Shibuya, if you know a little Japanese, or Roppongi if you feel more comfortable in an environment where people are able to speak English. But remember the nightlife doesn't really start until 1am, the Japanese party hard until 5am at most places.

Otani Waterfall in Tokyo in Tokyo, Japan Otani Waterfall in Tokyo

I would love to know if my article was helpful and if so, please leave a comment below and let me know which place seems most interesting to you? Or let me know if you want more information about a specific place I mentioned.

Hakata ramen in Roppongi in Tokyo, Japan walls made out of ramen in Tokyo, Japan venus fort in odaiba in Tokyo, Japan gal cafe 10sion - gyaru cafe in Shibuya in Tokyo, Japan takoyaki balls in Ikebukuro in Tokyo, Japan takoyaki balls in Ikebukuro in Tokyo, Japan drinking in koenji, hoppy in Tokyo, Japan drinking with friends in Koenji in Tokyo, Japan

Do you want more travel tips for Tokyo? UPDATED: Wed 18th, January, 2017

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  8. Sensation Tokyo, Agefarre & Ultra Japan are the most popular music festivals in Tokyo and worth every penny, a sound-feast for EDM fanatics.
  9. Edo-Tokyo Museum exhibits the history of Tokyo, its glorious days and less glorious days.
  10. Comiket is the largest comic book festival in the world and cosplay eye-candy for any Anime fanatic.
  11. DisneySea considered the best theme park in Japan by many locals.
  12. 12 Amazing Places in Shinjuku is a great guide if you're staying primarily in the financial district of Tokyo.

matt & shereef having Bintang beers in Shibuya 10am in Tokyo, Japan getting our adventure started at Takeshita dori street in Tokyo, Japan the SAD cafe in Harajuku in Tokyo, Japan Free Karaoke at Harajuku Kawaii Room in Tokyo, Japan beers at the New York Bar with my buddy Ronnie from Sweden in Tokyo, Japan aoyama in Tokyo, Japan jogging through akasaka in Tokyo, Japan chinese ramen at Venus Fort on Odaiba in Tokyo, Japan

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