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World's Weirdest Ice Cream Review! Why Japan?!

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Explore Tokyo's NamjaTown for the world's most unusual ice cream flavors, including Indian curry, shark fin, beef tongue, tulips, and coal. Accompanied by YouTuber STU in TOKYO, we navigated this quirky theme park in Ikebukuro, discovering its eerie charm while indulging in a playful ice cream flavor-guessing game.

Tips & Advice
  • Where: Namjatown in Ikebukuro, Tokyo [Map]
  • Hours: 10:00:am - 10:00pm
  • Price: ¥500 Yen ($4.50 USD) per person
  • Why: Weird spooky adventures in Tokyo
  • Notes: Located on the 2nd floor. Visit the weird ice cream parlors and play the bug shooting game. Make sure to also visit the Pokemon center.
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Namco Namja Town, situated in the bustling Ikebukuro district of Tokyo, was my latest destination for an unusual culinary adventure. I teamed up with Stu, a fellow YouTuber known as STU in TOKYO, to embark on a taste-testing journey of some of the most bizarre ice cream flavors we had heard about.

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stu in tokyo at the ice cream parlor in Ikebukuro, Japan scary sites of namjatown in Ikebukuro, Japan scary Japanese room at namjatown in Ikebukuro, Japan enter: STU in Tokyo in Ikebukuro, Japan

Upon arrival at Namja Town, our search led us to a cluster of ice cream parlors, tucked away in one corner. Here, we discovered a treasure trove of outlandish flavors that ranged from beef tongue and shark fin noodle soup to tulips, Indian curry, coal, and other eccentric varieties.

Namjatown by Namco located within the Ikebukuro Sunshine Building in Tokyo in Ikebukuro, Japan Namjatown by Namco located within the Ikebukuro Sunshine Building in Tokyo

Stu and I decided to spice up our tasting session with a fun challenge. We each secretly chose flavors for the other to guess. The excitement and our reactions to these unique ice cream varieties are captured in the video, where you can also find out the results of our flavor-guessing match-off.

As we wandered through Namja Town, the emptiness of the park, especially on a Friday night, was striking. Despite its intriguing offerings, many of the park's areas had a creepy ambiance, complete with awkward attractions. It left us puzzled as to why it would be a popular destination for families with children in Japan.

Our adventure in Namja Town culminated with a final showdown at Club Sega in Ikebukuro. We decided to battle it out over a round of my favorite arcade game, MaiMai. To my surprise, Stu revealed his hidden talent for the game, thoroughly outplaying me in a friendly yet competitive match.

Despite my loss in the game, the day was filled with laughter, surprises, and unforgettable taste experiences. This ice cream taste test at Namja Town not only provided us with a unique culinary adventure but also offered insights into the quirky and diverse aspects of Tokyo's entertainment culture.

As the day concluded, I couldn't help but look forward to our next adventure. Stu may have won this round in Tokyo, but I am already planning our next match-off in London, where I hope to even the score. Stay tuned for more adventures as we continue to explore the fascinating and often unexpected delights around the world.

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