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Club Atom Is The Best Trance Nightclub In Tokyo

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Tokyo counts many incredible night clubs but Club Atom in Shibuya stands out with its vibrant crowd and cute girls, they play popular Japanese trance, psy and goa music.

freshness burger we love it in Shibuya, Japan  in Shibuya, Japan prepping for the party at club atom in shibuya in Shibuya, Japan prepping for the party at club atom in shibuya in Shibuya, Japan

My favorite trance club in Japan has to be Club Atom. This 3 story nightclub is situated conveniently behind Shibuya 109.

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The nightclub is not well know with foreigners but it is currently doing great with the 20-25 years old Japanese crowd. Luckily for visitors, the bartenders speak some English.

dr. jeekahns aka CLUB ATOM in Shibuya in Shibuya, Japan dr. jeekahns aka CLUB ATOM in Shibuya

Atom promotes 3 types of music; HipHop, Trance, Psychedelic. Club Atom’s three floors are 4F – Psychedelic + Bar, 5F – Main floor, playing the main event. 6F – HipHop floor and lounge. The dress code is generally business casual, however it will change to match the style of the event playing. ID will be checked at the door, 20+ Genre

tiniest burger in the world in Shibuya, Japan delicious freshness burger eating by ludvig in Shibuya, Japan  in Shibuya, Japan

Club Atom holds a large number of events, however due to the multi floored nature even if the main event is not your thing you can always find music you like. If you are interested in the events check out the official events page. Crowd Primarily Japanese, always energetic and quite busy after midnight. The club starts filling early though due to a happy hour before midnight that affects entry and drink prices. Prices depend on the night, Generally 1000yen for the girls, 2000yen for the boys. Up to 3500 @ door for events. All prices include one drink. Drinks are around 500yen up to 1000yen. The club is definitely expensive but the party is totally worth it.

My buddy from Stockholm and I went to Atom quite often during my stay in Tokyo. I actually end up meeting someone from Mississauga on the main trance floor, what are the odds. If you end up going, try the MOS burger after the club. They serve the best burgers in town.

The video above has the following scenes: Shinjuku Station, Citibank, Shibuya crossing, Walking uptown (109 & Club Sega), Club Atom inside.

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