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Montreal Nightlife Guide: TOP 35 Bars & Clubs

Montreal Nightlife Guide: TOP 35 Bars & Clubs

Published on Sep. 8, 2023 by

This is my ultimate Montreal nightlife guide featuring the Top 35 bars & nightclubs which I carefully selected during a 3-month stay. Montreal offers a vibrant fusion of North American energy and European style, presenting an unparalleled nightlife experience.

Tips & Advice
  • Why: Canada's #1 Party City
  • When: Summer & fall
  • Last Call: Bars & nightclubs stay open until 3am
  • Best Montreal Bar: TRH (Friday night)
  • Best Montreal Nightclub: Muzique (Saturday night)
  • Best Montreal Hotel: M Montreal Hostel (
  • Book Now: Montreal Pub Crawl adventure for just $42 USD  Book you Taipei Pub Crawl adventure

Club Muzique in Montreal in Montreal, , CanadaCandi Bar in Montreal in Montreal, , CanadaMilky Way Bar in Montreal in Montreal, , CanadaLe Cathcart in Montreal in Montreal, , Canada

From the pulsating Downtown with spots like Electric Avenue and New City Gas to the historic charm of Old Montreal featuring bars like Coldroom and La Voûte, the city's Latin Quarter, Griffintown, and countless festivals, the city promises a blend of nostalgia, modern vibes, and festive spirit. Whether reliving video game days at Arcade MTL, lounging by the canal, or soaking in a rooftop jacuzzi at M Montreal Bar, every night in Montreal is an adventure waiting to unfold. Montreal blends European panache with North American spunk, offering a nightlife scene that rivals global hotspots. If you're a someone with an appetite for fun and a thirst for adventure, this city serves up a playground like no other.


  • 1. El Furniture Warehouse

    A bustling Downtown hotspot with affordable yet delectable eats and a vibrant atmosphere, ideal for a relaxed evening. Food and drinks starting at $6 USD.

  • 2. Montreal Pub Crawl

    Dive into the city's spirited nightlife, hopping from one iconic pub to another, meeting fellow revelers. Just $22 USD including free shots + VIP at 3 bars and 1 epic nightclub.

  • 3. TRH

    An upbeat venue where the skating rink meets dance floor, offering a unique party experience.

  • 4. Muzique

    Montreal's elite clubbing destination, with pulsating beats and luxurious interiors. The best nightclub on Saint-Laurent Blvd, but go with the Pub Crawl for VIP entrance.

  • 5. Apt. 200

    A sophisticated blend of a laid-back lounge and energetic nightclub, reminiscent of a plush apartment setting.

  • 6. Karaoke Bar 3 Minots

    Unleash your inner star, singing your heart out in this cozy and welcoming karaoke bar. Entrance is FREE!

  • 7. Big In Japan

    A discreet and classy spot, known for its rich, craft cocktails and vintage ambience. Note; can be very hard to find, look for a large black door.

  • 8. Cabaret Vol De Nuit

    Sip exquisite concoctions in a chic, modern setting that celebrates cocktail craftsmanship.

  • 9. Candi Bar

    Embrace the playful and candy-themed interiors while dancing to catchy tunes.

  • 10. Terrasse Nelligan

    A rooftop haven offering panoramic views of Old Montreal, perfect for relaxed conversations. Entrance is FREE!

  • 11. Terrasse Perché

    Enjoy the stunning city skyline while sipping on finely curated drinks.

  • 12. The Coldroom

    Step into a hidden gem in Old Montreal, renowned for its secret entrance and artisanal cocktails. Can you find the entrance of this speakeasy?

  • 13. Nhậu Bar

    Revel in an Asian-inspired setting, savoring exotic drinks and a vibrant atmosphere.

  • 14. La Voûte

    A luxurious nightclub housed in a historic bank vault, offering an electrifying experience.

  • 15. Bord'Elle

    A blend of burlesque and elegant clubbing, where every night is a grand spectacle.

  • 16. New City Gas

    An expansive venue known for hosting international DJs and magnificent light shows with a max capacity of 3500 people.

  • 17. STILLIFE

    Dive into a multisensory experience, where art meets nightlife in a captivating setting. This place has great techno during the weekend.

  • 18. Terrasse Carla

    Revel in a chic ambiance, offering breathtaking views of Montreal's skyline. Entrance is FREE! Best time to go is on Sunday after 5pm.

  • 19. Le Cathcart

    A lively bistro and bar under a luminous glass pavilion, offering varied cuisines and drinks. Entrance is FREE! Best time to go is on Thursday after 7pm.

  • 20. Gokudo

    Step into a hidden Japanese cocktail haven, where each drink tells a tale.

  • 21. Bar George

    Experience British charm in a historic setting, offering innovative drinks and gourmet bites.

  • 22. The Cloakroom Bar

    A bespoke cocktail bar, where drinks are tailor-made to your preferences. Limited seating, only 25 spots.

  • 23. Salsathèque

    Let the Latin beats guide you in this energetic dance hub known for its salsa vibes.

  • 24. Club Electric Avenue

    Dive into the 80s and 90s, grooving to the retro beats in this nostalgic club. They do have a strict door policy!

  • 25. NewHaūs

    A modern club that brings in a mix of techno and house, offering an immersive experience. This speakeasy techno club is in a basement turned fallout shelter.

  • 26. Arcade MTL

    Relive the glory days of gaming in this vibrant arcade bar, a perfect blend of nostalgia and fun. Entrance is $7 USD with unlimited arcade plays.

  • 27. Stereo

    An iconic club with state-of-the-art sound systems, hosting top-tier DJs from around the globe.

  • 28. StereoBar

    Stereo's laid-back sibling, perfect for pre-clubbing cocktails and groovy tunes.

  • 29. Blvd 44

    A chic and stylish nightclub offering top-notch entertainment in a sophisticated setting.

  • 30. Newspeak

    Dive into the indie music scene, where emerging artists and DJ sets come to life.

  • 31. Pied-du-Courant

    A beach-themed open space by the river, perfect for summer parties and gatherings. Also, this place is pet-friendly.

  • 32. Canal Lounge

    Float on a moored boat, sipping on refreshing drinks and enjoying the serene canal views.

  • 33. Milky Way Bar

    A cosmic-themed bar, where the universe's beauty meets delicious cocktails.

  • 34. Bar Ganadara

    A fusion of K-pop vibes and tempting drinks, making for a unique night out.

  • 35. M Bar

    Lounge on a rooftop jacuzzi, basking in the city's views while sipping on crafted cocktails at the M Montreal Hotel & Bar.

Muzique in Montreal in Montreal, , CanadaBar George in Montreal in Montreal, , CanadaHa Restaurant above Nhau Bar in Montreal, , CanadaClub Salsatheque in Montreal in Montreal, , Canada

In the heart of the city lies Downtown, the pulsating epicenter of all things electric. As you stroll down Saint-Laurent Boulevard, the nightlife artery of Montreal, you can feel its infectious energy. Every corner seems to have a story to tell, a drink to offer, or a beat to dance to. Places like El Furniture Warehouse are not just spots to grab a quick bite; they are prelude acts setting the stage for a raucous night. Think of it as your go-to for refueling, where hearty burgers meet chilled beers, all under a price tag that won't break the bank.

Club Muzique in Montreal in Montreal, , CanadaClub Muzique in Montreal

Looking to maximize your night out in Montreal? Consider the Montreal Pub Crawl as your ultimate gateway. For just $42 USD—with a 10% discount code: Reformatt10 available through this special link—you're in for a treat. The evening kicks off at a cozy bar, setting the stage for mingling and meeting new people. From there, you'll embark on a curated tour of 3 or 4 of Montreal's best bars and nightclubs. The perks are endless: free VIP entrances, no lines, and no cover charges at each venue, plus complimentary shots to keep the spirits high. Whether you're a tourist, a local, or a student group looking to party, the Pub Crawl offers an inclusive and guaranteed fun night out.

Canal Lounge in Montreal in Montreal, , CanadaMilky Way Bar in Montreal in Montreal, , CanadaSalsa dancing in Montreal in Montreal, , CanadaKaraoke Bar 3 Minots in Montreal in Montreal, , CanadaTerrasse Perche in Montreal in Montreal, , CanadaNhau Bar in Montreal in Montreal, , CanadaNhau Bar in Montreal in Montreal, , CanadaChez Mein in Montreal in Montreal, , Canada

Venture further, and Old Montreal throws open its doors with a promise of old-world charm laced with modern mystique. Coldroom epitomizes this fusion – an underground cocktail haven where the city's history is shaken and stirred with contemporary flair. A stone's throw away is Nhau Bar, where the vibe takes a delightful detour to the streets of Vietnam. If you're up for cocktails with a Far Eastern twist, this is your haunt.

Street Interview on Saint-Laurent Blvd in Montreal, , CanadaStreet Interview on Saint-Laurent Blvd

But Montreal isn't all about the old. Its Latin Quarter & Le Village have their own tales to tell. Picture yourself stepping into Arcade MTL, beer in one hand and a joystick in the other. Relive those video game glory days, then transition into the early hours at Stereo, where basslines command your feet to move and the crowd pulsates with shared energy.

Club Bord'Elle in Montreal in Montreal, , CanadaClub Bord'Elle in Montreal in Montreal, , CanadaTerrasse Perche in Montreal in Montreal, , CanadaSaint-Paul street in Montreal in Montreal, , CanadaTerrasse Nelligan in Montreal in Montreal, , CanadaM Bar in Montreal in Montreal, , Canada3 Minots Karaoke in Montreal in Montreal, , CanadaCanal Lounge in Montreal in Montreal, , Canada

Griffintown & Little Burgundy showcase a more laid-back side of Montreal. Imagine lounging on a boat, drink in hand, as the sun dips below the horizon. Canal Lounge offers just this, setting a chilled prelude before you ascend a mysterious staircase to the enigmatic Milky Way Bar. Here, every sip is accompanied by tales of hidden gems and whispered secrets.

Bar Ganadara in Montreal in Montreal, , CanadaBar Ganadara in Montreal

And if your visit aligns with Montreal's myriad festivals, the energy is cranked up tenfold. Be it the melodic beats of Osheaga, the winter revelry of Igloofest, or the adrenaline of the F1 After Party – each offers a unique flavor of Montreal's celebratory spirit.

Bar Ganadara in Montreal in Montreal, , CanadaBar Ganadara in Montreal in Montreal, , CanadaCocktails at Bar Ganadara in Montreal in Montreal, , CanadaNewhaus in Montreal in Montreal, , CanadaLe Cathcart in Montreal in Montreal, , CanadaGokudo in Montreal in Montreal, , CanadaFireworks in Montreal in Montreal, , CanadaClub Electric Avenue in Montreal in Montreal, , Canada

For those looking to combine stay and play, M Montreal Hotel & Bar is a staple. A rooftop jacuzzi to soak away the night's weariness and a basement bar that keeps the party fervor alive, it’s a haven for young people who believe in making the most out of every moment.

Arcade MTL in Montreal, , CanadaArcade MTL

A piece of advice for the adventurers: embrace Montreal's public transport. Whether hopping onto a Metro or cruising on a Bixi bike, let the city guide your journey. And remember, with bars open till 3 am and a drinking age of 18, the night in Montreal is always young and so are you. Also, for tickets to cheap day time attractions in Montreal go check out this link.

M Bar in Montreal in Montreal, , CanadaArcade MTL in Montreal in Montreal, , CanadaCrescent Street in Montreal in Montreal, , CanadaCrescent Street in Montreal in Montreal, , CanadaThe Cloakroom Bar in Montreal in Montreal, , CanadaBar George in Montreal in Montreal, , CanadaFrancos Festival in Montreal in Montreal, , CanadaF1 After Party in Montreal in Montreal, , Canada

In essence, Montreal doesn’t just offer a night out. It promises an adventure, a story waiting to be written with every step, sip, and beat.